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Auxiliary Advanced Coastal Navigation (AUXNAV)

AUXACN, the Auxiliary Advanced Coastal Navigation Specialty course, prepares a member to become a genuine asset to the Flotilla's operations activities. The AUXACN course covers coastal navigation and embraces two basic concepts - location and direction - and three basic disciplines - dead reckoning, piloting and electronic navigation.

You will achieve success as an Auxiliary Advanced Coastal Navigation (AUXACN) Specialist by passing a two part, closed book, proctored examination with a score of 75% or better. The first half, Part A, covers the theory behind the three basic forms of navigation. The second half, Part B, is performance based and requires the candidate to perform actual chart work demonstrating that the student has a sound understanding and firm grasp of basic coastal navigation principles. Successful completion of this course is a prerequisite to attending the AUXSC&E or AUXSC&E/TTT courses.

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Text Updates

The text of all the chapters of the Advanced Coastal Navigation text AN-1 except Chapter 12, have been edited and have undergone a basic cleanup edit.  Usable figures and tables from these chapters have been scanned and placed in chapter folders for use in the revised AUXACN chapters once they have had their text placed in the specified format. 

Chapter 12 is not to be included in the AUXACN course document.  Chapters 1, 2, 10, and 11 have been submitted for initial review.  Chapter 5 will be submitted for review when the formatting is completed and the tables and figures added.  Subsequently, Chapters 3, 6, 7, and 8 will be handled similarly.  Material on displays, GPS, radar, depth sounders and composite systems has been researched for updating Chapters 4 and 9.

The plan is to complete work on all chapters except chapters 4 and 9 first, as these two chapters will require the most extensive changes.  The web site addresses will be checked to determine which are no longer valid.  Also, there are considerable organizational changes, assignments, and procedures changes in two chapters.


Each DIRAUX has the only valid part B test. They have the hard copies of the test to be sent out to an Auxiliary Proctor to administer the test. The DIRAUX's will receive the completed test, chart and maneuvering board for grading and posting in AUXDATA. The students or proctors obtain the following from ANSC or online.

Maneuvering Board Sheets (2-3) ANSC# 5547

Navigation Chart-1210TR  ANSC# 5529 

AUXACN (AUXNAV) Text & Study Guide ∅ is found online only.