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Q Directorate Staff Job Descriptions

Thu, 11 Apr 24  

The links on this page will take you to the job descriptions for the leadership and Staff of the Emergency Planning and Disaster Response Directorate.

Director / Deputy Director

Director   DIR-Q

Deputy Director    Qd

Strategic Planning

Branch Chief - Strategic Planning    BC-QSP

Planning Division

Division Chief - Planning Division   DVC-QP

Branch Chief - Instructor Coordinator    BC-QPI

Branch Chief - Credentialing    BC-QPC

Branch Chief - Oral Board    BC-QPO

Branch Chief - DSO-EM Support    BC-QPD

Branch Chief - GAP    BC-QPG

Communications Division

Division Chief - Communications Division    DVC-QC

Branch Chief -  OEM Articles    BC-QCO

Branch Assistant - OEM Articles Assistant    BA-QCOA

Branch Chief -  Webmaster    BC-QCW

Branch Chief -  Social Media    BC-QCS

Everbridge Division

Division Chief - Everbridge Division    DVC-QE

Branch Chief - Information    BC-QEI

Branch Chief - Everbridge PACArea    BC-QEP

Branch Chief - Everbridge LANTArea    BC-QEL

Branch Assistant - GIS Support    BA-QELG

Branch Assistant - GIS Support    BA-QELI

Branch Assistant - GIS Support


Operations Division

Division Chief - Operations Division    DVC-QO

Branch Chief - IAP Coordinator    BC-QOI

Branch Assistant - IAP Assistant    BA-QOIA

Branch Chief - All Hazard Exercise    BC-QOA

Branch Chief - Medical Safety    BC-QOS

Branch Chief - Dashboard    BC-QOD

Branch Assistant - Dashboard Assistant    BA-QODA

Branch Assistant - Incident Monitoring    BA-QODM