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Meet The Emergency Management & Disaster Response Staff

Mon, 04 Mar 24  

Directorate Staff List

Directorate Org Chart

Director and Deputy

Director Emergency Management and Disaster Response  (Dir-Q) - Bill Hanlon
Deputy Director Emergency Management and Disaster Response (Dir-Qd) – Dan Jacquish

   Branch Chief – Strategic Planning (BC-QSP) - VACANT

Planning Division

 Division Chief - Planning (DVC-QC) -  Erik Nielsen
   Branch Chief - Instructor Coordinator (BC-QPI) - John Ellis
   Branch Chief -  DSO-EM Support (BC-QPD) – Eddie Puckett
   Branch Chief - Credentialing (BC-QPC) - Randy Egsegian
   Branch Chief - Oral Board (BC-QPO) - Grace Hirogoyen
   Branch Chief - GAP (BC-QPG) - VACANT


Communications Division

 Division Chief (DVC-QG) – Nora A. Harris
    Branch Chief – Webmaster (BC-QGW) – William J. Bell
    Branch Chief – Social Media (BC-QCS) – VACANT
    Branch Chief – OEM Articles (BC-QCO) – Dottie Riley      
        Branch Assistant – OEM Articles Asst. (BA-QCOA) - VACANT

Everbridge Division 

 Division Chief - Everbridge (DVC-QE) - Bryce Leinan
    Branch Chief – Everbridge Information (BC-QEI) - Steve Pegram
    Branch Chief - Everbridge PACArea (BC-QEP) - Gary Nepple
    Branch Chief – Everbridge LANTArea (BC-QEL) – Chris Haarer
       Branch Assistant - GIS Support (BA-QELG) - VACANT
       Branch Assistant - GIS Support (BA-QELI) – VACANT
Branch Assistant – GIS Support (BA-QELS) - Jesse Scott

Operations Division 

 Division Chief - Operations (DVC-QO) - Efrain Sora
    Branch Chief IAP Coordinator (BC-QOI) Jeff Barnes
        Branch Assistant IAP Asst.(BA-QOIA)– VACANT
    Branch Chief All-Hazard Exercise (BC-QOE) – VACANT
    Branch Chief - Medical Safety (BC-QOS) - Dr. Michael Heid
    Branch Chief - Dashboard (BC-QOD) - Duane Treadon
        Branch Assistant – Dashboard Asst. – (BA-QODA) Frank Merrill
        Branch Assistant - Incident Monitoring (BA-QODM) - Bob Welch