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General Information for Qualification (Read First)

The USCG Auxiliary Career Progression Guide and the USCG ICS Training Job Aid are two core documents in the EM qualification process. Please follow the instructions in the Auxiliary Career Progression Guide to gain a basic understanding of how the program is organized and the best way for you to proceed in the Emergency Management field.

The USCG is considered by FEMA to be an authorized certifying authority along with the States and other government agencies. That means that every USCG Performance Qualification Standard (PQS) meets the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Position Task Book (PTB) established for the referenced position. That ensures that all agencies across the government spectrum can rest assured and depend upon the fact that a USCG-certified individual has the requisite training and experience to hold the position designated. Keep in mind that frequently, the Coast Guard adds material to a sponsored course due to its unique responsibilities. That is why the Coast Guard frequently requires personnel to take USCG-sponsored courses. You will learn that Auxiliary and some CG Reservists will accept some non-Coast Guard courses toward qualification, where they may not be accepted for active duty personnel.

Because the Auxiliary is an integral part of the USCG, our personnel must pass the same PQS as the active duty except for some course requirements as discussed above. The U.S. Coast Guard PQS Training Job Aid is the key source for questions on obtaining a qualification. It explains the various paths, the sequence of qualifications, and the approval process.

If you have any questions that you are unable to answer from these references, you should contact your District Staff Officer for Emergency Management (DSO-EM). You can find your DSO-EM's contact information in AuxOfficer, (login Required). Your Q-Directorate staff stands ready to assist you with anything else you may need. 

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