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Emergency Management. Qualification Tracking

Emergency Management Qualification Tracking

Thu, 06 May 21  
The Auxiliary Emergency Management and Disaster Response Directorate has announced the beta testing of a new Auxiliary Qualification Tracking (AQT) to identify auxiliarists with Incident Command System, USCG, and Auxiliary qualifications, as well as professional qualifications and other skills that may be of use to the Coast Guard during normal and emergency response operations

• Auxiliarists who wish to make known their qualifications and availability to provide these types of support should download and complete the Auxiliary Qualification Information Worksheet at the link below.
• User prompts are provided to assist auxiliarist in correctly completing the form. Response choices will appear, and only one of these responses should be selected. Users who attempt to enter a response other than one of those provided will be prompted to select one of the responses provided. User support by selecting from the choices provided will enable emergency managers to consolidate information in a much more usable format.

• Users can enter up to five qualifications or skills in each area.

• When completed, auxiliarists should save a copy of the worksheet and forward it to their DSO-EM. Contact information for the DSO-EM can be found in AUXDATA II or on district websites.

• Auxiliarist volunteers do not need to resubmit updated worksheets unless there is a change to the information provided.

Link to Individual Qualification Worksheet

District managers will consolidate information provided by individual auxiliarists and utilize the information to fill ongoing and emergency response mission requirements. The information can also be consolidated for use by the Q Directorate, the Coast Guard, and other government agencies to identify auxiliarists with needed skills and qualifications that may be needed in large-scale operations such as oil spills and hurricane response.