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April CG-OEM Newsletter Available

Fri, 10 May 24  

The April edition of the CG-OEM Newsletter is available. A number of articles this month will be of interest to Auxiliary members have a look !


CG-OEM Newsletter Masthead


Mission Partner Identity, Credential & Access Management Program Site

Thu, 09 May 24  

The Trusted Associate Sponsorship System formerly used to vet individuals for access to the system has been renamed the Mission Partner Identity, Credential and Access Management (MP ICAM ) Program Siteread more

Q Directorate Job Descriptions Posted

Fri, 12 Apr 24  
Job Descriptions for all positions in the Emergency Planning and Disaster Response Directorate are posted under the Directorate Staff left menu item.  The duties, responsibilities and reporting structure can be seen by reviewing the Directorate job descriptions and the organizational chart.

Everbridge User Guide Released

Thu, 11 Apr 24  
The Everbridge Emergency Notification System User Guide was released in April 2024. This guidance document is intended to standardize Everbridge management concepts, and includes recommended best practices for routine administration and training exercises. This guidance extends to all Auxiliary Districts and sub-elements authorized to access the Everbridge application.

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary (Auxiliary) licenses the Everbridge cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) platform for communication and membership accountability. Everbridge allows the Auxiliary to connect with members through a wide array of communication channels on mobile and desktop devices to maximize message delivery. Authorized Auxiliary users may utilize the Everbridge platform to send immediate or scheduled notifications to specific individuals, groups, lists, or geographic locations in accordance with the protocols and guidelines developed in their District. 

Everbridge User Guide Cover

Mon, 04 Mar 24  

February CG-OEM Newsletter Available

Mon, 04 Mar 24  

The February edition of the CG-OEM Newsletter is available. A number of articles this month will be of interest to Auxiliary members have a look !


Auxiliary Agency Representative PQS Guide

Sat, 24 Feb 24  
The Auxiliary Agency Representative PQS Guide, June 2023 provides interested members in the path to qualification as Aux AREP.  AREPs act as the link between the local EOC and their Sector. Their local knowledge gives them a unique perspective. They communicate any request for service from the EOC to the Coast Guard and provide information on bridge closings, waterway hazards, port issues, etc., to the Sector for awareness.

The Coast Guard Auxiliary Agency Representative Program was initiated to relieve the active duty stations from the need to staff county Emergency Operation Centers (EOC) when stations were dealing with securing the station, boats, and potential evacuation.

Auxiliarists have served as AReps for their respective Sectors, gaining extensive knowledge in the Incident Command System (ICS).

AREP Document Cover 

January CG-OEM Newsletter Available

Tue, 13 Feb 24  

The January edition of the CG-OEM Newsletter is available. A number of articles this month will be of interest to Auxiliary members have a look !


New ICS Training Job Aid Available

Tue, 12 Dec 23  

The USCG has issued a new Incident Command System (ICS) Training Job Aid (Jan 23) has been posted on the References page of the Q Directorate website. The document details the USCG qualification process for ICS positions on all-hazard incidents and planned events. The USCG ICS Training Aid and associated position-specific Performance Qualification Standard (PQS) Workbooks are built upon the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) National Incident Management System (NIMS) credentialing guidelines, FEMA NIMS resource typing standards, and FEMA NIMS Position-specific Task Books (PTBs).

Cover ICS Training Job Aid

Solicitation for Attendance at Emergency Mgt. Conference

Mon, 11 Dec 23  
The Emergency Management and Incident Response Directorate has released a Solicitation for Attendance at an Emergency Management Conference aimed at members involved in Emergency Management Programs. The announcement describes the target applicants as well as the application and selection process,

Aux EM Career Progression Guide Released

Mon, 04 Dec 23  

The Auxiliary Emergency Management Career Progression Guide has been released.  This Guide is the primary reference for Auxiliary members seeking involvement in Emergency Management programs.

Cover Aux EM Career Progression Guide

CG-OEMS November Newsletter

Keep in touch with all the activities at the Coast Guard Office of Emergency Management and Disaster Response in our November Newsletter.


Cover CGOEMS News 2023-11

Check out our CG OEMS Archives here.



2023 EM Credential Application Guide Released

Mon, 29 May 23  

The Coast Guard Office of Emergency Management, CGOEM, has released the 2023 Coast Guard Emergency Management Credential Application Guide.

The goal of the Coast Guard Emergency Management Credential (CGEMC) Program, managed by CG-OEM, is to advance the EM profession within the Coast Guard and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) by promoting the principles of EM. The CGEMC is available to any Coast Guard active duty (officer or enlisted), civilian, reserve (officer or enlisted), auxiliary member and DHS employee who meets the training, experience, and test criteria, regardless of specialty or assigned duty station/position. The purpose of this guide is to provide instructions on completing the certification process. This credentialing program will recognize our current and future workforce with robust EM knowledge and leadership skills needed during disasters and crises. This document and other related EM credentialing application documents are available on our site under EM Qualification / CGEMC. Member Zone credentials are required to access these documents.


Cover of EM Credential App Guide


GAP Analysis Update - NTRAIN 2023

Mon, 03 Apr 23  
William Hanlon, Director of the Emergency Management and Disaster Response Directorate, provided a 9 minute overview on the status of data collection for the ongoing GAP Analysis Program at NTRAIN 2023. Click on the title slide image below to connect to a YouTube video of the presentation.

GAP Analysis Presentation NTRAIN
Click Here or on image above to watch the presentation on YouTube


Southwest Border Operation Documents

Sun, 05 Mar 23  

The Emergency Management and Disaster Response Directorate has posted the Incident Action Plan and the After Action Report on the recent Southwest Border Operation.  Member Zone login is required to view these documents. See the Incident Plan/Rpts submenu under ICS Resources 


Q Directorate Reading List

Thu, 23 Feb 23  

In order to encourage the professional development of Emergency Management and Disaster Response Leaders, we have established a recommended reading list which will be expanding over time.  A link to the Q Director's Reading List is here and on the left menu of the Q Directorate website.