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2023 EM Credential Application Guide Released

Mon, 29 May 23  

The Coast Guard Office of Emergency Management, CGOEM, has released the 2023 Coast Guard Emergency Management Credential Application Guide.

The goal of the Coast Guard Emergency Management Credential (CGEMC) Program, managed by CG-OEM, is to advance the EM profession within the Coast Guard and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) by promoting the principles of EM. The CGEMC is available to any Coast Guard active duty (officer or enlisted), civilian, reserve (officer or enlisted), auxiliary member and DHS employee who meets the training, experience, and test criteria, regardless of specialty or assigned duty station/position. The purpose of this guide is to provide instructions on completing the certification process. This credentialing program will recognize our current and future workforce with robust EM knowledge and leadership skills needed during disasters and crises. This document and other related EM credentialing application documents are available on our site under EM Qualification / CGEMC. Member Zone credentials are required to access these documents.


Cover of EM Credential App Guide


GAP Analysis Update - NTRAIN 2023

Mon, 03 Apr 23  
William Hanlon, Director of the Emergency Management and Disaster Response Directorate, provided a 9 minute overview on the status of data collection for the ongoing GAP Analysis Program at NTRAIN 2023. Click on the title slide image below to connect to a YouTube video of the presentation.

GAP Analysis Presentation NTRAIN
Click Here or on image above to watch the presentation on YouTube


All-Hazards NIMS ICS PQS Available

Sun, 05 Mar 23  
The USCG All-Hazard PQS Guide (Nov2014) has been posted on the References page of the Q Directorate website. The document serves as the U.S. Coast Guard Performance Qualification Standard (PQS) Guide for Incident Command System positions on all-hazard incidents and planned events. It establishes minimum USCG training and qualification standards for ICS positions and outlines the minimum required training, skills and knowledge needed to attain ICS qualifications thru the demonstration of various “competencies” required for specific positions.Check out this and similar references on our references page.
Cover All-Hazard PQS

Southwest Border Operation Documents

Sun, 05 Mar 23  

The Emergency Management and Disaster Response Directorate has posted the Incident Action Plan and the After Action Report on the recent Southwest Border Operation.  Member Zone login is required to view these documents. See the Incident Plan/Rpts submenu under ICS Resources 


Q Directorate Reading List

Thu, 23 Feb 23  

In order to encourage the professional development of Emergency Management and Disaster Response Leaders, we have established a recommended reading list which will be expanding over time.  A link to the Q Director's Reading List is here and on the left menu of the Q Directorate website.

Emergency Mgt. Credential Application Guide Updated

Thu, 09 Jun 22  

The CG-OEM Emergency Management Credential Application Guide has been updated.  Visit our EM Qualification/CGEMC page to see the latest update.


Emergency Mgt Manual Vol III Exercises Updated

Wed, 04 May 22  

The release of an updated Emergency Management Manual Volume III - Exercises COMDTINST 3010.13D was announced on 02 May via ALCOAST 158/22. Have a look at the manual here or along with the other Emergency Management Manual Volumes on our References page.


EMM-Vol III Exercises


USCG Emergency Management Specialist PQS

Tue, 01 Feb 22  

The eagerly anticipated  Emergency Management Specialist Performance Qualification Standard has been released.  ALCOAST 007/22 announced the promulgation of the Emergency Management Specialist Performance Qualification Standard (01 January 2022) and the cancellation of the Contingency Preparedness Specialist Performance Qualification Standard (11 May 2016).

EMS qualification demonstrates an apprentice level mastery of the knowledge and skills required to perform the duties of an Emergency Management Specialist. This Performance Qualification Standard (PQS) revision constitutes a major update to the Contingency Preparedness Specialist PQS, and more closely aligns with the knowledge and skills required of Coast Guard Emergency Management Specialists.

For more details see ALCOAST 007/22

Cover EM Specialist PQS




Thu, 19 Aug 21  

The USCG Office of Emergency Management and Disaster Response (OEM) has established a new Instagram page. Visit and follow @USCGOEM to keep up with the latest images.

EM SITREP Dashboard Live

Mon, 16 Aug 21  
The National Emergency Management & Disaster Response has posted the Situation Report (SITREP) Dashboard web link on the Q Directorate Website.

The Dashboard is a work in progress. As enhancements such as Geographic Information System overlays depicting Auxiliary member locations come on-line those updates will be added to the SITREP Dashboard.

Please bookmark the USCG AUX EM SITREP Dashboard Page as the Auxiliary’s primary information portal for significant emergency management related notices and updates.

This Dashboard provides in many instances live up-to-the-minute data links to critical Official and Non-Governmental Organization websites with a plethora of details as you drill down into the links. Access to the Dashboard is restricted only by Auxiliary Member ID and Password.

DSO-EM Input Sought

Mon, 16 Aug 21  

The Emergency Mgt. & Disaster Response (Q) Dashboard Team seeks input form DSO-EM's in developing a “Standardized DSO-EM Report” document. When created, the standard report would be used when reporting up to the Q Directorate and that information will subsequently be posted in the Dashboard’s DSO-EM Tab. It’s anticipated using MS Word. There will certainly be basic common elements to any District’s report. DSO's, after consultation with your District Commodore please share with us your reporting needs by 16 September 2021 direct your responses to and cc to

CG Awards Emergeny Mgt Qualifications

Tue, 22 Jun 21  

Seven Auxiliary members were among 53 individuals awarded Coast Guard Emergency Mgt Credentials as recommended by the Coast Guard Emergency Management Credential (CGEMC) Board.  The CGEMC is available to any active duty (officer or enlisted), civilian, reserve (officer or enlisted), or auxiliary member who meets the training, experience, and test criteria, regardless of specialty or assigned duty station/position.  The Auxiliary members who met the requirements for CGEMC were AUX William Steadman, AUX Joseph Gleason, AUX Anthony Marzano, AUX Camilo Olivieri, AUX Stephen Kastensmidt, AUX Joseph Leonard, Jr. and AUX Michael Mason.

Members interested in learning more about the CGEMC requirements and process should visit our CG EM Qual Docs page (Member Zone Log in required) and consult with their DSO-EM.

Auxiliary EM Qualification Tracking Program Announced

Wed, 05 May 21  

The Auxiliary Emergency Management and Disaster Response Directorate has announced the beta testing of a new Auxiliary Qualification Tracking (AQT) to identify auxiliarists with Incident Command System, USCG, and Auxiliary qualifications, as well as professional qualifications and other skills that may be of use to the Coast Guard during normal and emergency response operations

• Auxiliarists who wish to make known their qualifications and availability to provide these types of support should download and complete the Auxiliary Qualification Information Worksheet at the link below.

• User prompts are provided to assist auxiliarist in correctly completing the form. Response choices will appear, and only one of these responses should be selected. Users who attempt to enter a response other than one of those provided will be prompted to select one of the responses provided. User support by selecting from the choices provided will enable emergency managers to consolidate information in a much more usable format.

• Users can enter up to five qualifications or skills in each area.

• When completed, auxiliarists should save a copy of the worksheet and forward it to their DSO-EM. Contact information for the DSO-EM can be found in AUXDATA II or on district websites.

• Auxiliarist volunteers do not need to resubmit updated worksheets unless there is a change to the information provided.

 Link to Individual Qualification Worksheet

District managers will consolidate information provided by individual auxiliarists and utilize the information to fill ongoing and emergency response mission requirements. The information can also be consolidated for use by the Q Directorate, the Coast Guard, and other government agencies to identify auxiliarists with needed skills and qualifications that may be needed in large-scale operations such as oil spills and hurricane response.


FY21 Government Initiated Unannounced Exercise Requirements

Sat, 07 Nov 20  
The Coast Guard has announced the FY21 Government Initiated Unannounced Exercise (GIUE) requirements for Sector and Marine Safety Unit (MSU) Captains of the Port (COTP).  Preparedness for Response Exercise Program (PREP) activities, should be conducted at operational commander’s discretion with maximum flexibility.

GIUEs are a cornerstone of the area oil spill exercise cycle and a key tool for COTPs to evaluate risk and measure oil spill response preparedness.



Emergency Mgt. Manual Vol. IV: Incident Mgt. & Crisis Response Policy

Sat, 07 Nov 20  

ACN 116/20 announced the promulgation of the U S. COAST GUARD EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT MANUAL VOLUME IV: INCIDENT MANAGEMENT AND CIRSIS RESPONSE, COMDINST M3010.24A and cancellation of the Contingency Preparedness Planning Manual Volume 4: Incident Management and Crisis Response, COMDTINST M3010.24



USCG Releases 2020/2021 Guidance for ICS Certification Board Application

Sat, 07 Nov 20  

The Coast Guard's Office of Emergency Management has issued guidance for Coast Guard Members for application to the ICS Certification Board. The USCG ICS Certification Board is the annual convening mechanism for awarding Type 1 and Type 2 ICS certification in 30 different nationally recognized ICS positions.



CG-OEM Newsletter Released

Tue, 18 Aug 20  

The July issue of the CG-OEM Monthly Update is available on our CG-OEM News page.


CG-OEM is on Facebook

Fri, 31 Jul 20  

The USCG Office of Emergency Management and Disaster Response (OEM) has established a new Facebook page.  Visit



Fri, 31 Jul 20  

The Office of Emergency Management (CG-OEM) announced the release of the new Coast Guard ICS-402 Self-Paced eLearning (SPeL) course (100330) in ALCOAST 291/20. This is the third ICS course to shift from a classroom delivery to a SPeL course, increasing accessibility of training to all Coast Guard members.

While today this training is not available to Auxiliary members without accounts, interested members should watch for further developments.



Mon, 27 Jul 20  

Emergency Response, First Responder Awareness Level Training (Course #501538)
Blood Borne Pathogens Training (Course #100293).

Members taking the Emergency Response, First Responder Awareness Level Training and Blood Borne Pathogens Training, please make sure to be aware that AUXLMS sometimes is not registering their completion properly.

The two online courses available at AUXLMS

1.Emergency Response, First Responder Awareness Level Training (Course #501538)
2.Blood Borne Pathogens Training (Course #100293).

Upon completion of these two courses, you should print the certificate, scan or take a picture of it.
Please note that sometimes the print function isn't working properly for these online courses.
Therefore, prior to hitting the completion button-screen print the completion page (print screen function or take a picture with your phone.

Here’s an example of the page to take a screenshot ensuring your log in name is showing in the screen. Do this BEFORE hitting the HERE area button.

AUXLMS Course Completion Screenshot

When the LMS Fails to complete the Emergency First Responder course no matter what browser is used. Members should take a screenshot of the “You have successfully completed” screen BEFORE clicking on the link to get a certificate. The screen shot would need to be submitted for entry. If they miss this opportunity they should try to navigate back to the “My Transcript” page and print the transcript. If the AUXLMS system works OK, then you have a copy for yourself.  The upload from AUXLMS to AUXDATA II is not automatic yet, and at this time it requires a manual download from a member of the National staff, and they are 3 weeks behind at this time.

Contact your local IS COLM for further instruction.


ICS 300 and ICS 400 Courses on AUXLMS

Mon, 13 Jul 20  

Self paced E-Learning options for Incident Command System (ICS) 300 and 400 level training are now available in AUXLMS.  The course offerings are found in the Coast Guard (Gold) Catalog in the Incident Management Section.

Intermediate Incident Command System ICS-300 is an online course that is designed for personnel and supervisors assigned to key Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and Incident Command Post (ICP) positions. It provides description and detail of the organization and operation of the ICS, management of resources, describes the duties of all positions. Prerequisites for ICS-300 include IS-100, IS-200, IS-700, and IS-800. These courses are also found in AUXLMS under the Coast Guard (Gold) Catalog in the Incident Management section.

Advanced Incident Command System ICS-400 is an online course designed for personnel expected to perform in Command and General Staff roles in the Incident Command Post and/or in a management capacity in an Area Command (AC) with complex incident environments. The course emphasizes large-scale organizational development and management including planning, operational, logistical, and fiscal considerations. Roles and relationships of the primary staff are examined. Additionally, it describes the application of AC and the importance of interagency coordination. The pre-requisite course requirement is Intermediate Incident Command System (ICS-300).

Auxiliary Deployment Guide Released

Fri, 22 Nov 19  


Fri, 15 Nov 19  

The Coast Guard Office of Emergency Management & Disaster Response (CG-OEM) has released Program Updates for November 2019.  see ALCOAST 355/19 - NOV 2019 COMDT OFFICE OF EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT & DISASTER RESPONSE (CG-OEM) PROGRAM UPDATES

Changes to OCT 2019 CG-AREP PQS

Mon, 28 Oct 19  

Two Independent Study (IS) courses listed as prerequisite requirements in the newly released OCT 2019 NIMS ICS Coast Guard Agency Representative (CG-AREP) PQS, have been retired.

An ALCOAST Message addressing this issue pends. In the meantime, refer to Memo 2019-10-19 for guidance.



Thu, 04 Jul 19   Posted by: Kevin Cady

CANUSLANT - Joint Response Team (JRT)


LANTAREA, D1, and Sector Northern New England participated in CANUSLANT 2019 on June 12-13th. The two-day exercise enabled the U.S. Coast Guard, Canadian Coast Guard, Maine Department of Environmental Protection, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and dozens of other federal, state, industry and local partners to deploy the Incident Command System in response to a worst case, cross-border oil spill response scenario.

Coordinated, just-in-time ICS refresher training provided by the CG Incident Management Assistance Team (IMAT) was key to preparing the 100+ participating responders in the U.S. Incident Command Post to fill their respective ICS positions and follow ICS processes and procedures as the exercise unfolded.

In addition to the U.S. Incident Command Post that Sector Northern New England and their port partners established in Portland, Maine, the Canadian Coast Guard and their partners established an Incident Command Post in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. The First Coast Guard District and their Canadian counterparts established an Area Command near the international border in Saint Andrews, New Brunswick.  Seven Auxiliary members were assigned various roles in the exercise including situation team leader, assistant situation team leaders, forward deployed observers in the Operations and Resource sections. Auxiliary personnel were also assigned as IMSS Technical Specialists - Incident Management Systems Software.


(USCG Photo)

Situation Team
Top Left to Right: Auxiliarists Kevin Cady (Team Leader), Dan Foss, Eugene Grossi, Dan Evarts, LTJG Alex Heck
Bottom Row Left to Right): MSTC Kristin Gray (IMAT Coach), LTJG Lucy Daghir, LCDR Lori Loughran (Planning Section Coach), and Auxiliarists Anne Manning, John Lopez
Fri, 04 Jan 19  


New BSX Policy on ICS Minimum Requirements 





 A reminder this course is required for all OPS personnel.

 Risk Management Required CourseALCOAST