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Retention Division

By developing a Division solely focused on member retention the USCGAUX is focusing its efforts on programs and training that encourage members to remain with the organization. By identifying Member needs and communicating the programs and benefits available, the Retention Division supports those activities that result in long term commitments from Auxiliarists. A large part of keeping valued members is initially attracting the right people to the Auxiliary by the use of effective recruitment and selection practices. Once we have attracted the members there are extended programs and benefits available to the Member as a result of this service to the Coast Guard. Auxiliarists are privileged to receive benefits not available to other volunteer organizations. Both the Coast Guard and the National Board, Inc. provide these benefits as an enhancement to our volunteer service and work to support Retention in the Auxiliary. The following is a listing of some of those Auxiliary benefits

Effective member supervision and support
  • Initial support to help the new member socialize within their flotilla and the Auxiliary.
  • Access to policies, procedures, training and instructions needed to perform their role.
  • Encourage regular attendance at flotilla meetings and mentoring to success.
  • Regular consultation with mentors during their first year period.
  • Maintaining motivation and morale.
Professional development, education and training through Mentoring
  • New Member classroom training and on the job experience.
  • Ongoing professional development and training.
Rewards and recognition
  • Awards and celebrations for achievements.
  • Recognizing Auxiliarists for a job well done
  • Base Exchange Shopping Privileges
  • Uniforms and Awards
  • Tax Deductions
  • Insurance Coverage (operating under Coast Guard orders)
  • Coast Guard Federal Credit Union
  • Coast Guard Mutual Assistance
  • Coast Guard Work-Life Programs (non-medical)
  • Fellowship

Branch Chief Training

George Bond

Retention Publications and Resources