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Divisions of the Human Resources Directorate

Divisions of the H-Dept

Culinary Assistance Division

Paulette Parent

DVC-CA, Division Chief
The Culinary Assistance program enhances Coast Guard mission readiness, effectiveness, and execution by providing food services support to Coast Guard Units.

Coast Guard Recruiting Support 

Bruce R. Talbot

DVC-HG, Division Chief
Coast Guard Recruiting Support division is responsible for assisting Active Duty and Reserve recruiting efforts that the USCG is currently engaged in. If you are interested in helping or finding a local recruiting station please email Mr. Colwell.

Auxiliary Health Services


DVC-HM, Division Chief
The Auxiliary Health Services Division's health care, safety, and work-life professionals provide direct service in their respective professional fields to Coast Guard personnel.

Recruiting Division

Chester L. Williams.

DVC-HR, Division Chief
The Recruiting Division is responsible for coordinating and integrating the Auxiliary recruiting program so that all members receive the same complete and up-to-date information.

Join Page Inquires

David F. Desimone

DVC-HQ Division Chief
The HQ Inquires Division receives leads from prospective members that have an interest with the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. The Prospective member enters their contract information on the Join Page by entering on a browser. This will send their contact information to the AAMS System (Auxiliary Applicant Management System). The HQ Inquiries Division Branch Chief or Assistant Branch Chief in each District receives the prospect / applicant’s contact information via email. The BC or BA then contacts the prospect /applicant and vets them for US Coast Guard Auxiliary membership requirements and provides information about service opportunities within the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. A qualified prospect /applicant is then referred to a local SO HR or FSO HR officer to join a local Flotilla. The AAMS System is used to track the progress of a Prospective new member. All levels of USCG AUX HR officers can use the AAMS System to update or check the status of a USCG Aux applicant.

Uniform Division


DVC-HU, Division Chief
The Uniform Division is responsible for receiving and disseminating information regarding uniforms. The Division ensures that all necessary information concerning the procurement, proper wear and maintenance of uniforms is accessible to all members of the Auxiliary.