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CGRS Uniform Information

CG Auxiliarists are bound by uniform, grooming and body mass (weight) requirement as outlined in the SOPs and PQS noting the associated strict, military grooming and weight standards when reporting for duty at a Coast Guard Recruiting Office (RO). The “SOP- Reporting For Duty” outlines the requirements for wearing the proper CG Auxiliary uniform as will be directed by each ROs (Recruiter In Charge (RIC).

Auxiliarists participating in the AUXCGRS program must be equipped and prepared to wear either their CG Auxiliary TROPS or ODU (untucked)  uniform smartly and correctly when reporting for duty.  Please refer to the below Coast Guard Uniforms PowerPoint presentation that serves as a guide for uniform standards, descriptions, proper wearing, placement of devices and along with additional, appropriate information.



How to roll your ODU sleeves

How to blouse your ODU trousers

How to attach your Tropical Blue devices (Name tag/Ribbon Rack/ Other Devices)

Pre-Owned USCG Auxiliary Uniforms

Men’s & Women’s pre-owned USCG Auxiliary uniforms may be viewed at the “USCG Auxiliary Used Uniform Exchange.” This exchange is an independent website not associated with the AUXCGRS program where previously owned (used) men’s and women’s USCG Auxiliary uniforms are offered for sale. As the selection varies from day to day this may present an opportunity for Auxiliarists to purchase uniform items at a possibly, substantial savings verses when purchasing new uniforms. The website may be located through the below web link: