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Auxiliary Youth Programs

USCG AUX Youth Programs

The Coast Guard Auxiliary has adopted the Boy Scouts of America’s Sea Scout program as its official youth program. The Sea Scouts are a program for young men and women ages 14 (or 13 years of age and completed eighth grade) through 20. Sea Scouts provide a program for religious, fraternal, educational, and other community organizations to use for effective character, citizenship, and mental and personal fitness training for youth. As part of this training, Sea Scouts are expected to develop personal religious values, learn the principles of American heritage and government, and acquire skills that will prepare them to become successful adults.

All Sea Scouts and Sea Scout leaders are automatically Associate Members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary Association. Any Sea Scout who is at least 14 years old or Sea Scout leader may also choose to become full members of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary by following the normal application process.

The national Auxiliary-Sea Scout Youth Development (AUXSCOUT) Program Standard Operating Procedures outlines how Auxiliarists are to work with Sea Scout youth and adult members, whether or not they are also Coast Guard Auxiliarists. National program oversight is provided by the Auxiliary's Youth Programs Division. Auxiliary Districts will have District Staff Officers - Auxscout (DSO-AS), and divisions will have Staff Officers - Auxscout (SO-AS). 

Auxiliary Policy Documents


BSA Youth Protection (YPT) Training (This workshop must be taken by all Auxiliarists and adults working directly with Sea Scout youth)

Sea Scout Adult Leader Basic Training (Sea Scout Adult Leader Basic Training is the first step in training for all Sea Scout leaders focusing on the skills and attributes necessary to be an effective advisor in the Ship’s deliverance of service to youth in your specific geographic location.)

Seabadge (Seabadge is intense leadership and management training focused on the “how-to” aspects of managing a successful youth-led Sea Scout program.)

BSA Safe Swim Defense Training (BSA Safe Swim Defense is used for all swimming activities. Adult leaders supervising a swimming activity must have completed Safe Swim Defense training within the previous two years.)

BSA Safety Afloat Training (BSA Safety Afloat standards are used for all boating activities. Adult leaders supervising activities afloat must have completed Safety Afloat training within the previous two years.)

AUXSCOUT online workshops (Youth programs offer many online workshops on AUXSCOUT-related topics. Recordings of these workshops, as well as PowerPoint files and resource links are provided.)

AUXSCOUT Resources

AuxBWiki (Coast Guard Auxiliary web resource providing AUXSCOUT practical best practice guidance)

Sea Scouts BSA (The official Sea Scout website. This provides program helps, marketing materials, and training opportunities)

Sea Scouts, the Coast Guard Auxiliary's Official Youth Program Facebook group (A great place for best-practice discussion of the Auxiliary working with Sea Scouts.)

Auxiliary Flotilla – Sea Scout Ship map (Map and contact information for all Auxiliary flotillas, Sea Scout Ships (units), and BSA local councils)

Auxiliary-Sea Scout Frequently Asked Questions

Sea Scouts BSA YouTube channel