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Health Services

Aux Health Services Division

Dr. Rich Sumrall, MD
DVC-HM, Division Chief

The Coast Guard (CG) recognizes that the CG Auxiliary is composed of many skilled volunteers, some of whom are trained, qualified, licensed, or registered to perform many of the same health care activities that are performed by active duty personnel.

As the missions and responsibilities of the CG have expanded, so has the need for health care personnel to perform routine health care and to be available for backfill. Some Auxiliarists are willing to perform these health care activities on a volunteer basis for the USCG.

Because of the special training, certification, and licensing requirements needed in the medical field, the CG Office of Health Services Work Life (HSWL) has established a mechanism for the verification of the credentials of certain Auxiliarists who wish to assist CG Clinics or Sickbays. Only those Auxiliarists who have been evaluated through the protocols that the CG Office of HSWL and the CG Medical Manual have established shall be eligible to participate in the CG Clinic/Sickbay program.

For the purpose of this support program, credentialed Auxiliary health care professionals are defined by the CG as Physicians (MD, DO), Dentists (DDS, DMD), Physician Assistants (PA), and Nurse Practitioners (NP). These primary care medical and dental professionals are eligible to volunteer their skills in CG Clinics/Sickbays where the CG is already providing a similar level of health care and within guidelines established by the COMDTINST 6010.2 (series), the Auxiliary Manual, and the CG Medical Manual.

Pharmacists are also eligible to provide their services to CG Clinics as Auxiliary Volunteers.
Registered Nurses (RNs) and EMTs are eligible to participate in CG Clinics as “medical assistants” as described in the COMDTINST and the CG Medical Manual.


In general, this program shall only recruit Auxiliary health care professionals who are located within 50 miles of a Coast Guard Clinic or Sickbay. (The 50 mile limit may be waived based upon the needs of the unit as requested by the clinic and by direct approval of Commandant (CG-11).

The purposes and strategic goals of the Auxiliary's support of CG Health Services are:
Recruit a cadre of Auxiliarists with certain primary care qualifications and help coordinate their utilization in authorized CG Health Services support programs.

Act as Auxiliary Liaison to CGHQ Health Services Office and Staff (CG-112).

Act as an Auxiliary Health Services consultant to the National Commodore, National Board, and to the National Staff of the Auxiliary.

Help promote, update, and disseminate Auxiliary Health Services support program information to members through our web page and the Auxiliary Chain of Leadership and Management.

Perform other support missions as requested by CG or Auxiliary.

Auxiliary EMS Participation:
Auxiliary certified and licensed First Responders and EMTs/Paramedics may be eligible to participate in the following medical support areas:
CG Clinic as "medical assistants" as described in COMDTINST 6010.2 (series) and the CG Medical Manual - this is at the discretion of local CG Clinic Manager and Senior Medical Officer.

Assist at Small Boat Station's as SAR Boat Crew at the EMT-1 level if the local command authorizes participation.Perform Advanced First Aid, CPR and use Automatic Electronic Defibrillators (AED) on Auxiliary Patrols in emergency situations if currently certified at the EMT-1 level or above.

Instruct courses in First Aid, CPR, AED use to CG and Auxiliary units - if a certified Instructor, Auxiliary Instructor qualified, and approved by the local unit command.


If you are a health care provider and want more information, please contact:

Dr. Rich Sumrall, MD
DVC-HM, Division Chief



The Auxiliary Health Services uniform device is now authorized by CG-BSX (CHDIRAUX) and CG-112 (CGHQ Health Services). Select Auxiliarist health care providers who have participated in the formal program: "COAST GUARD AUXILIARIST SUPPORT TO COAST GUARD HEALTH CARE FACILITIES" (COMDTINST 6010.2) are eligible to earn the device after participating for two years and serving a minimum required number of hours in CG Clinics or Sickbays.
The device is awarded through our DIRAUX Offices. Information on the device will be included in updates to the AUXMAN.

Health Services Technician Force Notes - May 2016


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