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Auxiliarists in Action



Auxiliary CG Recruiting Support Specialist Brian Smith (far right) and Auxiliarist Gabriella Cervi (second from the left) assisting active duty recruiters at the University of Rhode Island Career Fair, 27 March, 2024.



Coast Guard Recruiting Region 4 Auxiliary Branch Chief Thomas E. Duhon (on right) assisted Senior Chief Mark Molina, Recruiter In Charge, of Recruiting Office New Orleans, at the HBCU Legacy Bowl Career Fair.  An estimated 1,500 students from 49 different colleges attended the event.



Auxiliarists Cecelia Cervi and Brian Smith represented Coast Guard Recruiting at the University of Rhode Island, College of Environmental Sciences on 07 FEB 2024.  Auxiliary member Cervi is a current student at URI studying Marine Affairs:

The URI Marine Affairs department enrolls several Coast Guard officers into its graduate programs each year. 



 Coast Guard Auxiliary Recruiting Support Specialist Andrew Burkart, Region 4 Branch Chief, teamed up with MST3 Montagne and YN2 Somers from MSU Paducah, KY at the Livingston Central High School Career Fair. Although MSU (Marine Safety Unit) personnel are not trained as recruiters, pairing active duty with a trained Auxiliary Recruiting Support Specialist makes a synergistic presentation.



 Auxiliary Recruiting Support Specialists Henry Rice (third from left) Patrick "Frenchy" Hubert (fifth from left in USCGA polo) and Bruce Talbot on far right, augmented Recruiter AMT1 Alan Purcell (first from the left) of Recruiting Office Miami and two recent basic training graduates, at the Collier County School District "Heros In Action" Career Fair, 31 JAN 2024.



Recruiting Support Specialist Jock Whittlesey assisted Coast Guard Recruiting Office Miami at the 2023 Redlands Christian Academy College Fair. Students learned about the Coast Guard college scholarship program and exciting career opportunities.



 Auxiliary member Kathy Hubert and LT Ryan Thomas talk to a nursing student about the CG Health Services Rate at the Fall 2023 Cape Coral Technical College Career Day event. Having a local, trained Auxiliary member to provide follow up support for recruiting prospects is extremely valuable.  



 YN1 Richard Puello with Auxiliarist David Hernandez Jr at Recruiting Office Hartford, CT



 Chief Aikhoje Omo, Auxiliarist Carolina Filgueiras, and Chief Adam Abreu (ret) at Recruiting Office Miami, FL. Well done shipmates!


Recruiting Support Specialist Nicholas White, who supports Recruiting Office Atlanta, delivered a Flotilla presentation on the new Scout Talent And Refer "STAR" program. The program features a $1,000 reward for each referral that joins the Coast Guard.



Recruiting Support Specialist White proudly features his first STAR success, Seaman Recruit Adam Cook Jr., who is reporting to his first duty station in Hawaii. The STAR program is open to all Auxiliary members.  



Coast Guard Auxiliary Recruiting Support members assisted Recruiting Office Chicago during the 2023 Lakefront Air and Water Show. Pictured (left to right) CG Officer Trainee Owen Mize a CSPI scholarship student from the University of Illinois at Chicago, CGRS Branch Assistant Brad Couch, AUX Scout John Norton, and Recruiter AMT1 Tim Andrew in his CG flight suit. 



SKC Jordan Drew and Auxiliary CG Recruiting Specialist Brad Couch at the 2023 Summerfest recruiting event hosted by CG Sector Lake Michigan



Pictured (left to right) is Auxiliary Branch Chief Ron Hecker accepting a challenge coin from LTJG Marcus Boyd, CG Recruiting Command, recognizing BC Heckler's efforts supporting Coast Guard recruiting in Region 4, especially at UCLA.



Auxiliary Recruiting Support Division member Joel Hernandez is a valued team member of Coast Guard Recruiting Office Vancouver. Assisting with administrative tasks gives active duty recruiters more time to interact with prospects.



Pictured left to right is: RA Jennifer Goode, BA Lea Hall, and RA Robbie Rogers at the 17 DEC "Wreaths Across America" ceremony at Woodlawn Veterans Cemetery, Greenville, SC in support of CG Recruiting Office Columbia.



Two very happy students in the health services program interested in the Coast Guard posed for a picture. Auxiliary Recruiting Support members Kathy and Frenchy Hubert (gray CG polo shirts) supported Tampa Bay Recruiters BONILLA, LAMAR and STEVENSON at the 7 December Career Fair hosted at Fort Myers Technical College of Florida.



Auxiliary Recruiting Support assisted Recruiting Office Chicago on a very cold Saturday, 3 December, 2022 at Chicago's Navy Pier during the annual Christmas Tree Ship event. Pictured on board the Cost Guard Ice Breaker MACKINAW is (left to right) Recruiter BM1 Amanda Scott, Auxiliary VFC Bradley Couch, Rear Admiral Michael J. Johnston, and Recruiter PO1 Timothy Andrew.
Photo credit by John Saran, AUXPA1



Jackson State University Career Fair. From left to right is Coast Guard Recruiter Chief Williams, Auxiliary Recruiting Support member Bob Jones, and officer recruiter LT Fabian Handy promoting the Coast Guard College Student Pre-commissioning Initiative (CSPI) scholarship program.



 Commodore Joe Chenevert, past 9th Central DCO, speaking with Chief Cain Anderson ( Recruiter In Charge, CG Recruiting Office Detroit), stratigizing for recruiting & partnering with Detroit high schools,  during The International Cherry Festival, Traverse City, Michigan, on Sunday, 3 July, 2023



(left to right) LT Erin Dougherty, USCG, Civil Engineering Office Miami (daughter of Auxiliarist BC Bruce Talbot), LT Justin Dougherty USCG (son-in-law of Bruce Talbot) , Air Station Miami, Auxiliarist Peggy Talbot, Academy Admissions Partner wife, of Auxiliarist Bruce R. Talbot, BC-HGD staffing the recruiting support tent during the Coast Guard Cutter Eagle's Miami port call.



 Auxiliary Branch Chief Bruce Talbot sharing a conversation with a prospective CSPI candidate student and her parents about educational opportunities offered by the United States Coast Guard.



 Presentation at Caldwell University, Caldwell, New Jersey, introducing both the CG College Pre-Commissioning Initiative (CSPI) and the Auxiliary University Program (AUP), are (pictured from left to right), Matthew Whelan ( Ed.D. University President, Caldwell University, Caldwell New Jersey), Michael Gottfried Auxiliarists (ADSO-PA, 014-10-13, representing AUX AUP), Peter Ubertaccio, Ph.D., (Vice-President of Academic Affairs, Caldwell University), Jorge Rordiguez (Vice-President of Enrollment Management, Caldwell University) and Auxiliarist Hector Torres (FC, Air Station Caldwell, 014-10-20). 



Health Service Career Fair at Cape Coral Technical College in support of Recruiting Office Tampa Bay on 27 April 2022.  Pictured Auxiliary Recruiting Support team member Bruce Talbot with talking to nursing student Brittany M. Totterdale. Bruce talked to students about career opportunities as a Coast Guard Health Service technician.



Standing to the left front is Bruce Talbot (Branch Chief, CG Diversity Officer Recruiting Corps (CSPI), CG Recruiting Support Division) and assisting him at his left rear is Auxiliarist Bob Adubato, 070-09-03 as they met with college students at the Business and Technology Career Fair at Florida SouthWestern State College, Fort Myers, FL



Pictured from the left is OS1 Downing (Assistant Recruiter In Charge,), IT1 Lacharite, CPO Knowles (Recruiter In Charge), and Auxiliarist Charles Jeffrey, Branch Chief-South East, CGRC Team, presenting Certificate of Appreciation to RO Atlanta recruiters for their having presented honors at memorial service in late 2021, for deceased CGRS Division member, BC Steve Johnson (Chief Petty Officer, Recruiter In Charge, USCG retired).



Pictured from viewers left to right:
ME2 Jason Miller, Recruiter, CG Recruiting Office (RO) Vancouver WA
AMT1 Dustin Harger, Recruiter, RO Vancouver
MECS Jason Ganem, Recruiter-in-Charge, RO Vancouver
Auxiliarist Joel Hernandez, Flotilla 130-07-08
Auxiliarist Jim Fenske, Flotilla 130-07-03
AMT1 Travis Burke, Recruiter, RO Vancouver



Photographed at left is  Petty Officer 1st Class Michelle Downing (Assistant Recruiter In Charge, CG Recruiting Office Atlanta) and at her left is Auxiliarist Nicholas R. White (Branch Assistant (a),  representing CG Officer Recruiting Corps (Diversity Officer Recruiting) at Douglas Co High School in Douglasville, GA., 16 FEB 2022. Photo by CG Recruiter, ATL RO




Grand Haven CG Festival – Augmenting CG Recruiting Office Detroit - Aug 2019
Seated left front – Ken Mangus DCDR 091-22
Seated right front – Nick Minnich FC 095-33-10
Standing Center- Douglas Colwell DVC-HG


CGRO Kansas City - Oct. 2019
RADM Nunan
CG Recruiters
Rich Hubbard - IPFC, 085-31-01 Standing at left


CGRO Tampa Bay - Oct. 2019
Standing left - SKC Adam McNeil RIC (retired)
Standing Center - Chief Erin Everson RIC
Standing right – Douglas Colwell DVC-HG