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Site Requests

Requesting a WOW II Pushbutton Website

There is no request procedure for a WOW II Pushbutton Website. The WOW system is completely "self service". Appropriate unit officers can simply log on to the WOW platform at, provide their unit number, and begin their website. For more information, visit our WOW Platform pages.

AIRS Sites No Longer Available

Legacy AIRS sites are no longer being offered to units due to security and server space issues.  Units are strongly encouraged to use the WOW website platform.

Need Support?

The User Services Department is here to "make your job easier!" We provide assistance in any way possible. It is easy to request support for any issues – just submit a Help Desk ticket. Links to the National Help Desk can be found on the menu of all WOW-II web pages and in the footer of any Auxiliary page..

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the future of the Auxiliary Web Presence.