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Individual Development Plan

Whether a member decides to use on-line training or organized training it is important to work with an experienced mentor able to guide you through your training and who will be available to assist when necessary. Contact your Flotilla Commander (FC) or your Flotilla Member Training Officer (FSO-MT) to request a mentor for each of the topics you plan to study. Your mentor will help you obtain the necessary course material, answer questions and take the required tests.

The Individual Development Plan (IDP) form was designed to: aid in effective integration of new members into the Auxiliary; enhance job skills; reinforce expectations of the chain of leadership and management; and promote focused communications on career and personal development to support every member in reaching their full potential.

The Auxiliary is fully committed to the personal and professional growth of all of our members. Since learning and development occur primarily at the flotilla are ultimately accountable for providing their members with developmental activities/Uploads_wowII/AUX60/Auxiliary_IDP_Guide.pdf, identifying areas for improvement, and ensuring timely coaching. The IDP helps flotilla commanders meet these responsibilities by emphasizing discussions and joint decisions by personnel and their supervisors. The IDP actively encourages the individual to think about their current position and future potential, and prompts activities to build the expertise, confidence and self-esteem to lead to a successful, fulfilling Auxiliary career.

The IDP is a personally tailored action plan that the flotilla commander or designee and member use to identify short and long-term Auxiliary goals. It outlines the training and developmental experiences to achieve those goals, for the benefit of the member, the flotilla and the Auxiliary, within a specified time frame. It may chart job-specific skills, but also includes more general competencies aimed at supporting the member's aspirations in terms of education, promotion or training opportunities. An IDP is not a performance evaluation method, a contract for training, or a means for clarifying or revising a position description.

Directions to make the use of the IDP meaningful to the member are contained in the Auxiliary IDP Guide and form.

Click on this link to get a copy of the Auxiliary IDP Guide.