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Greanoff Award

Nominations are originated by the Flotilla, submitted by any member directly to DCDR. the award comes with a trophy and recommendation for Auxiliary Commendation Medal.

The Commodore Charles S. Greanoff Inspirational Leadership Award serves to annually recognize the most distinguished Auxiliary Flotilla Commander. This award parallels the other Coast Guard inspirational leadership awards including the Capt John G. Witherspoon Award for active duty and reserve officers, the George R. Putnam Award for civilians, and the MCPO Angela M. Mcshan Award for active duty or reserve Chief Petty Officers.

Commodore Charles S. Greanoff is a past National Commodore and a servant who, through his leadership and membership in the Coast Guard Auxiliary, has logged over 63 years of service to our country. Commodore Greanoff first became affiliated with the Coast Guard Auxiliary in 1943 when he joined District 9 Flotilla7- 03, a Port Security Unit responsible for protecting the Port of Cleveland, the Cuyahoga River, and the cities bridges. After World War II, Commodore Greanoff continued his active participation in the Coast Guard Auxiliary and became a Flotilla Commander in 1950. He quickly rose through the ranks of the Auxiliary, first holding the position of Division Captain in 1953, Ninth District Commodore in 1956-57, and achieving the Auxiliary’s highest Position of National Commodore in 1958-59. As National Commodore, Commodore Greanoff traveled the country to support the new missions of the Coast Guard Auxiliary and even testified before congress on the importance of boating safety regulations. He was instrumental in shaping the Auxiliary into the effective organization it is today. During the next three decades, Commodore Greanoff continued to accrue thousands of hours of support each year across all Coast Guard missions as an active member of the Auxiliary. Commodore Greanoff's affiliation with his most recent duties began in 1991 with his appointment as assistant to the Ninth CG District family programs administrator. He was a key player in the establishment of the fledgling worklife program development in D9. In March of 1993, Commodore Greanoff was appointed the Ninth District ombudsman coordinator, the first ombudsman coordinator position created in the Coast Guard. He continued in that role until 2005. Commodore Greanoff trained over 150 district ombudsmen at more than fifty units around the great lakes providing guidance, training and support to these important volunteers. Through his 63 Years of outstanding service and dedication, Commodore Greanoff has set the standard for all Auxiliary leaders.

The National Commodore will solicit nominations for the Commodore Charles S. Greanoff Inspirational Leadership Award in October.

Further information and application requirements can be found at the link below.