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Division Procedures Guide

For newly elected officers and appointed staff officers at the division level, the duties and responsibilities of office can be confusing and frustrating. There are new responsibilities to master, new people to know and encourage, new geography to learn. There are new opportunities to serve the Auxiliary and advance its purposes.

The Division Procedure Guide intended to provide guidance to division officers and make their transition to office easier and more effective. Officers should use this guide for answering the administrative and leadership questions related to management at the flotilla level of Auxiliary organization. The contents should help with the “What do I do?” and “How do I do it?” questions confronting the new division officer.

The Division Procedure Guide is not a policy reference; policy is set by the Auxiliary Manual and related Coast Guard publications. Rather, it is more a job aid, the collected experience of many Auxiliary leaders, and is intended to help you be effective and successful. Its size may seem overpowering, but remember that's because it's intended to be big enough to serve as handy guidance for most occasions.

The flotilla operates by pure democracy, but the division is governed by representatives of the flotillas. The new division leader must learn how to lead through multiple layers of subordinates, while effectively using opportunities to reach the general membership.

The Division Procedure Guide is intended to assist division officers in the smooth, efficient, and effective administration of their duties. By helping with the myriad procedural details, it will free the flotilla leadership to effectively anticipate and meet the challenges facing tomorrow’s Auxiliary.

Click here to download the Division Procedure Guide.