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Creative Services Request for Video Services

Thank you for using our on-line video request form. Use this form if you need:

  • Television spots or programs
  • Training Videos
  • Marketing Videos
  • Instructional Videos
  • Stock Footage

In order to process your job smoothly and in a timely manner, please complete this entire form. This is essential information. If you do not have the information, or don't know the information, please contact someone in your District, Division or Flotilla who can help you.

You will be contacted by one of our Video Services staff members.

I have read the Guidelines for Creative Requests
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General Information

Description of the item you are requesting (examples: television public service announcement, training video).  Please write out acronyms!

 Today's Date

Due Date

Person Completing Form (Point of Contact)

Point of Contact's e mail Address

Point of Contact's Phone Numbers

Point of Contact's Time Zone & Best Time to Call

Project Information

Purpose of the Video You Are Requesting (example: announcing changes in state certification, instructional video on marlinspike).  Please be specific!

Who is Your Audience?  (example: other Auxiliarists, general boating public, children, staff officers, conference participants)

Is this a new video or a revision of an existing video?
New Video Revision of Existing Video

If this is a revision of an existing Video, can you supply a copy of the existing Video?
Yes No

If you can supply a copy of the existing video, what format is it in?
VHS DVD or CD Not Applicable

What will the length of the video be (please specify minutes for videos and seconds for TV spots)?

Is there any existing footage which could be re-used?
Yes, Please specify No

Will this video also be distributed as a computer download?
Yes No

What is the vehicle for final distribution (example: cable TV nationwide, local TV, VHS copies for flotilla use)

Is funding in place if a commercial video house will be duplicating this video?
No, it is being supplied pro bono
Not using a commercial vender

Video Specifics

What format should the final video be delivered in (examples:beta SP Master, DVD/CD, mpeg file)?

Will you supply all of the script or does the script need to be written for you?
Script Will Be Supplied
Script Needs To Be Written
Combination of the Two

Do you require audio in your product (examples: narration, sound effects)?
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Do you require animations in your video (example: to show how something works)?
Yes, Please Specify No

Do you require closed captioning in your video?
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General Project Comments or Instructions

Comments or instructions you would like to make

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Thank you for using our on-line request form. You will be contacted by one of our Creative Services staff members.