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The Day That Lasted A Lifetime

by CDR Edward Seebald, USCG, DIRAUX (1SR) New York City -- September 11, 2001, Navigator, Fall 2001

[RE: 9/11/2001 memoir of Commander Seebald, director of Auxiliary, whose Auxiliary staff and active duty personnel were at work in the Coast Guard building, located approximately one mile south of the World Trade Center when the terrorist attack occurred.  Seebald was the senior officer in charge at the building.]


A colorful, if motley, assortment of vessels: fishing trawlers, ferries, island traders, pearl luggers, coconut plantation boats, coastal schooners and tugboats, among others ... crewed by about 1,300 yachtsmen and Coast Guard Auxiliarists.

by C. Kay Larson, DVC-AH 

[RE: During World War II, scores of Auxiliarists enrolled as civilian contract mariners in the Army Transportation Corps, Small Ships Branch.  Many including former Auxiliarist Ed Dennis saw duty in New Guinea.]


by Louise Agee, FSO-PB 7-46

[RE: A memoir of a member serving as crew on a security patrol during a night-time National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Apollo rocket launch in 1973.]
Teamwork Case: fire, tanker Juniper

Case: fire, tanker Jupiter

by CWO Dan Waldschmidt, USCG

[RE: Article by Coast Guard Public Affairs Officer CWO Waldschmidt relating rescue of mariners from burning gasoline tanker in Bay City, Michigan in 1990.  The search and rescue operation involved both a Coast Guard utility boat crew and Coast Guard Auxiliary members, Robert and Jean Colby, Gold Lifesaving Medalists.]

Mean High Water

by James "Mack" Price

[RE: Article by James "Mack" Price, Plaque of Merit awardee, describing the night in October 1994 during which he and his crew rescued residents from flood waters in Houston, Texas.]

Looking Back: Atlanta Olympics 1996

by Robert D. Wilson, Past Vice Captain and Flotilla Commander of USCG Auxiliary Div. 12-2 Dist.7

Georgetown, SC and currently a member of Tellico Lake Flotilla Div. 12-2 Dist. 8 East (November 2009)