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Navigator Express Digital Publication

The Navigator Express Publication has provided two types of digital formats for our readers. All publications are formatted as a PDF file.  For a better appearing visual click on Flip HTML at the end of each publication title.

Navigator Express 2023

4th Quarter 2023 - USCG Auxiliary Hot Jobs - Flip HTML 

3rd Quarter 2023 - Boat School with the Canadian CGAUX - Flip HTML 

2nd Quarter 2023 - National Wear Your Lifejacket to Work Day - Flip HTML 

1st Quarter 2023 - Commodore Mary Kirkwood; The Auxiliary's First VNACO -Flip HTML

Navigator Express 2022

4th Quarter 2022 - I Take Pictures, Targeting the Future - Flip HTML

3rd Quarter 2022 - Sailing aboard the Eagle, About Aux-12 C-School - Flip HTML 

2nd Quarter 2022 - Admiral Linda L. Fagan, the first woman to serve as Commandant of the Coast Guard - Flip HTML

1st Quarter 2022 - Public Affairs takes to the Sea - Flip HTML

Navigator Express 2021

4th Quarter 2021 - The Christmas Ship: USCGC Mackinaw - Flip HTML
3rd Quarter 2021 - Catch the Wave, Engine cutoff devices, AUXAIR
- Flip HTML
2nd Quarter 2021 - Deep Dives, Aux Experience Counts, Aux Patrols - Flip HTML
1st Quarter 2021 - About the Auxiliary, Call to Tutor Coast Guard Families
- Flip HTML 

Navigator Express 2020

4th Quarter 2020 - Safe Sailing, Principles for Paddlers - Flip HTML
3rd Quarter 2020 - How We Make A Difference In The CG Auxiliary - Flip HTML
2nd Quarter 2020 - AuxFit: Eight Pre-Patrol Stretches & Warm-Ups - Flip HTML
Special Edition - In the Fight Against COVID-19 - Flip HTML
1st Quarter 2020 - A Moment with Jet Jock Bill Burns - Flip HTML

Navigator Express 2019

4th Quarter 2019 - Japan Coast Guard's Alaska Familiarization Tour - Flip HTML
3rd Quarter 2019 - The Auxiliary Sea Scouts Program - Flip HTML
2nd Quarter 2019 - 80th Anniversary Edition - Flip HTML
1st Quarter 2019 - Flood Waters, Ravage the Ohio Valley - Flip HTML

Navigator Express 2018

3rd Quarter 2018 - Auxiliary Answers The Call from Hurricane Florence - Flip HTML
Special Edition 2018 - The Auxiliary Answer the Call in Branson - Flip HTML
2nd Quarter 2018 - All 3 Phases of Team Coast Guard Work in Louisville - Flip HTML
1st Quarter 2018 - Hurricane Recovery in Sector San Juan
 - Flip HTML

Navigator Express 2017

3rd Quarter 2017 - Hurricane Report, Special Auxiliary Response Issue - Flip HTML
2nd Quarter 2017 - Last crew member recounts from "The Finest Hours" - Flip HTML
1st Quarter 2017- USCGA Remembers Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary - Flip HTML

Navigator Express 2016

4th Quarter 2016 - Auxiliarist Becomes Cutterman - Flip HTML
3rd Quarter 2016 - NACON 2016: Leadership, Initiative & Innovation - Flip HTML
2nd Quarter 2016 - A History of Coast Guard Aviation - Flip HTML
1st Quarter 2016 - Peaceful Valley, Auxiliary creates strong bond with BSA - Flip HTML

Navigator Express 2015 

July-August 2015 Issue - Vessel Afire!  - Flip HTML
June 2015 Issue - Fit for Duty, Importance of Personal Health - Flip HTML
May 2015 Issue - Ombudsman of the Year brings sense of OHANA to unit - Flip HTML
April 2015 Issue - Dr. Olivia J. Hooker: Civil Rights Pioneer - Flip HTML
March 2015 Issue - From Rescued to Recruiter - Flip HTML
January-February 2015 Issue - Auxiliarists Teach Lifesaving Skills to the USCG (UNDER REPAIR)

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Navigator Express is the Auxiliary's national quarterly e-magazine that focuses on more current national news and information for members. To submit an article for consideration, please use our National Article Submission Portal, located here:

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