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Welcome to the National Publications Division, where our mission is to produce and deliver the timely and accurate publication of the Auxiliary's annual magazine Navigator and quarterly e-magazine Navigator Express, to provide guidance on all publications-related matters throughout all levels of the Auxiliary, and to strengthen the partnership with our active-duty public affairs counterparts. As a part of our functionality, we focus on providing support to Publications Officers by assisting in training, writing, and maintaining publications guides, upholding publication standards, and providing a knowledge base for inquiries. Throughout the three branches that compose the Publications Division, we are committed to presenting the best of the Auxiliary throughout our various media outlets.

Here in the Publications Division, we have expanded our projects and content greatly, including procuring articles for publishing on MyCG, the active duty's information portal, similar to the Auxiliary's What's New. With this, and many more projects aimed at deepening our commitment to professional journalism, articles and leads on stories from across the nation are in great demand. In order for us to showcase the best representation of the Auxiliary and the important work we do as America's Volunteer Guardians, we need your help in telling our story. These important projects are needed to also diversify the incredible variety of what we do as Auxiliarists. From serving as a chaplain in the Northeast, playing in a Coast Guard band in Virginia, or conducting a surface operation in Florida, all articles are good articles. Please submit articles for consideration through our submission portal, located here: Submissions are needed year-round.



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Send us your articles and photos!

Navigator is the annual national printed magazine that publishes stories of interest to a broad readership of Auxiliary members, military personnel, and government officials, including members of Congress.It is a mix of new content and the most interesting stories from around the Auxiliary during the past calendar year. We aspire to give our members the sense that they are part of one national unit, the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, and are inspired by success to take action in their local units. For the public, we seek to tell our story so that they understand that we are Semper Paratus and why we are valued members of Team Coast Guard. We welcome and appreciate fresh, exciting, educational, and inspirational articles of national interest about the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.

We encourage our talented Auxiliarist-writers to submit their best articles. We depend on articles from all Auxiliary levels, from the flotilla to district, to tell our story. Just as Public Affairs is the responsibility of every Auxiliarist, finding and sharing quality stories and photos are too. So, let's “Tell it all and Tell it now”!

The ABCs of Auxiliary Publications is accuracy, brevity, and clarity. The ideal length for a story intended for publication in Navigator is 750 to 1000 words, or equal to a page and a half to two pages.

Great photographs give your stories a visual impact. Please include three to five quality unedited photos (preferably in .jpeg or .png format) with your story submissions. Also be sure to include a caption with each photo describing what is taking place, along with the names of each person in the photo, and the name of the photographer. Please include the proper rank of any active duty personnel and the office of any Auxiliarists when it is relevant to the story.

Please submit articles through our National Article Submission Portal, located here:

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Navigator Express is the Auxiliary's national quarterly e-magazine that focuses on more current national news and information for members. To submit an article for consideration, please use our National Article Submission Portal, located here:

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