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Resources for Public Affairs Officers

Here are some tools and resources for our Public Affairs Officers. This is an official United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Website for the Public's Information. Our postings does not endorse these sites or anything on it, including links to other sites, and we disclaim responsibility and liability for the site and its content. 

The Coast Guard External Affairs Manual is published to provide instruction and primary policy guidance for the conduct of the Public Affairs programs for the Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard Auxiliary Public Affairs Guide is published to provide instruction and primary policy guidance for the conduct of the public affairs programs for the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

A presentation on each member's role in Public Affairs (PDF Format).

  • PA Primer (Under Construction)

The Defense Imagery Management Operation Center (DIMOC) created the Department of Defense Captioning Style Guide incorporates numerous changes and clarification to Visual Information written style and procedures.

Information regarding publications and public affairs provided by the Defense Information School's Library. A wealth of resources for interviews, publication  planning,editing, and more. 

The USCG Float Plan is a state-of-the-art lifesaving device that is used by search and rescue personnel to assist in reducing the search area in order to locate you in the shortest amount of time possible. It is also the first and only float plan that guides and directs the holder of your float plan on what to do via the exclusive Boating Emergency Guide.. 

This presentation outlines the Float Plan at Float Plan Central including products and services, customers, partners, benefits, support, and statistics for the 2019 year (posted February 2019)

The FEMA Basic Guidance for Public Information Officers (PIOs) Handbook provides guidance for the conduct for public affairs information officers in the National Incident Management System (NIMS) for the joint information center, disaster/emergency response, and integrating with tribal, local, state and federal support.

  • FEMA Basic Guidance for Public Information Officers (PIOs) Handbook (Under Construction)

The Associated Press Style: State Abbreviations provide instructions for use of state abbreviations for correct AP Formatting in public affairs documents.

The purpose of these guidelines are to inform members utilizing social media outlets of the "dos" and "don'ts" of social media interfacing.

The purpose of this information is to standardize the use of words, phrases, titles, names, etc., that are frequently written in Coast Guard releases, captions and stories. In Adobe Acrobat format.

A "Primer in Public Service Announcements" in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Covers "what is...," criteria, tracking, value, disadvantages, distribution, media, and hints on increasing effectiveness. In Adobe Acrobat format.

  • Public Service Announcement (PSA) Primer (Under Construction)

Latest and greatest Informational Boating Safety Exhibit Guide. Contains the latest photos and some wording changes as we close in on more effective exhibits.

Meta Data is information stored inside another file like photo's, video, and music and is is used to document details about media file. This document instructs the reader to the proper use of meta data. In Adobe Acrobat format.

Eight Word 95 text files relating to Marine Accidents. Includes Accident Reporting, Boats and Power Lines, Causes of Boat Sinkings, Night Accident Study, Propeller Accidents, Small Boats, and others. Compressed in standard WinZip format.

  • Accidents Press Release Templates (Under Construction)

Four Word 95 text files relating to Alcohol and Boating. Includes Booze and Boating, CG Proposes New Blood Alcohol Concentration Standards, Liquor's Quicker on Water, and others. Compressed in standard WinZip format.

  • Alcohol Press Release Templates (Under Construction)

Seven Word 95 text files relating to Auxiliary Recruiting. Includes Help wanted, Invite to meeting, Recruit Air Ops, We Need You, and others. Compressed in standard WinZip format.

  • Auxiliary Recruiting Press Templates (Under Construction)

Instructions and tips for taking dynamic photographs with smart phones.

  • Smart Phone Photography Guide (Under Construction)