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CLICK HERE for National Public Affairs Contest Guidelines for 2022-2023 

The 2023 PA Contest is now closed.
Congratulations and Bravo Zulu to this year's winners!

2021 2022 Contest Winners Banner

The National Public Affairs
2022-23 Contest Winners

District 5th Southern Winners -- John Krogmann, District Commodore

  • Best Video"Helo Ops"—Don Hawkinson, Flotilla 054-16-07

District 7 Winners– John Holmes, District Commodore

  • Photography Category—OperationsEllen DeLeo, District 7
  • Photography Category—Photography—Terry Schwinghammer, District 7
  • Photography Category—Public Education—Ellen DeLeo, District 7

  • Photography Category—Vessel Examination—R. Michael Stringer, District 7

  • Photography Category—Team Coast Guard—R. Michael Stringer, District 7

  • Photography Category #1Fellowship—R. Michael Stringer, District 7

  • Photography Category #2Fellowship—R. Michael Stringer, District 7
  • Best Flotilla Public Affairs Event—NSBW Open House—Terry Schwinghammer, George Lehner, and Ellen DeLeo, Flotilla 6, District 7
  • Publications—Best Flotilla NewsletterLisa Repetto “Channnel Marker”, District 7, Division 11, Flotilla 11-1, Clearwater, Florida 

  • PublicationsBest Division Newsletter— Dorothy Riley “Intercom”, District 7, Division 7, Tampa Bay, Florida

  • PublicationsBest District Newsletter— R. Michael Stringer “Breeze”, District 7

District 8th Eastern Winners – Chris Whitacre, District Commodore

  • Photography Category—Member Services—Ramon Llorens, Jr., District 8ER

District 9th Western Winners – Sonny Thatch, District Commodore

  • Best Division Public Affairs EventNSBW "Prepare It and Wear It!"—Bob Hennessy, Jill Kiser, Division 35, District 9WR

District 11th Northern Winners – Curtis Han, District Commodore

  • Best District Public Affairs EventWater Safety Fair—Pete Gorenberg, District 11NR

Congratulations and BRAVO ZULU to all winners!

Photo of the Month Banner

The Coast Guard Auxiliary "Photo of the Month" (POTM) program is administered by the Photography Branch of the National Public Affairs "A" Directorate.  The purpose is to highlight photos of exceptional quality that accurately convey various missions and program areas, as well as significant special events.

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