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United States Coast Guard Auxiliary - Public Affairs

Marketing Division

The Marketing Division plans and implements marketing strategies and programs, both short and long range, targeted toward promoting the benefits and activities of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary as well as enhancing our image. Our mission encompasses promoting the Auxiliary to our members, promoting the Auxiliary to the public and promoting the Auxiliary to the Coast Guard. Working in collaboration with varied elements of the Coast Guard Auxiliary our mission is to maximize the positive exposure of the Auxiliary. While all of the constituencies are important the most significant is our members. We strive to develop and provide programs to assist our members in the accomplishment of their mission.

 Dave Anderson, DVC-AK

David Anderson, DVC-AK
Division Chief for Marketing

Dave Anderson is Division Chief - Marketing. He joined the Auxiliary in 1999 and has served as FSO-PA, SO-PA, SO-PB, VFC, FC, ADSO-PA and BC-AKS prior to appointment as DVC. Away from the Auxiliary, Anderson is a meteorologist and reporter at KBJR TV in Duluth, MN. He is also an adjunct meteorology instructor at Lake Superior College in Duluth, MN and Northland College in Ashland, WI.

Marketing Division Staff List

Branch Chief of Communication
Anthony King, BC-AKC

Branch Assistant of Communications
Vacant, BA-AKCA

Branch Assistant of Communications
Vacant, BA-AKCB

Branch Chief of Distribution
Thomas R. Violante, BC-AKD

Branch Chief of Marketing Promotion
Vacant, BC-AKP

Branch Chief of Marketing Support
Henry Cushard, BC-AKS