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 D17 CGAUX Commodore Marion H Parrish


2023 DCO Welcome to the District 17 DCO web page.

Mr. Marion H. Parrish was elected Commodore of the USCG Auxiliary District Seventeen for the years 2023 and 2024. Commodore Parrish joined the U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary as part of the Department of Homeland Security in August of 2016. He served as a Flotilla Staff Officer in 2017 and as Vice Flotilla Commander in 2018. Commodore Parrish was Flotilla Commander in 2019, D-17 Division 2 Commander for 2020, and District Chief of Staff for 2021 and 2022. In addition to these leadership roles, he has served in numerous FSO positions as well as SO-PE, DSO-HR and as a Branch Assistant with the H-Directorate for Pacific Area Member Recruitment and Retention. Commodore Parrish is a certified coxswain, instructor, vessel examiner, program visitor, TCT Facilitator, telecommunications operator, AUXOP, and has achieved Auxiliary Leadership Competency Course Level 5.

 Mr. Parrish and his wife, Jane, a retired U. S. Army Intelligence Officer, recently celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary. They have two adult children and four grandchildren. Mr. Parrish’s formal education consists of a Bachelor of Science in Geology with a Chemistry minor, as well as a love of Sedimentology from Columbus State University. Mr. Parrish also holds a Master of Science in Education in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Technology from Virginia Commonwealth University.

 As a high school teacher, Mr. Parrish was certified in a wide variety of subjects. In the field of science, these were Geology, Oceanography, Chemistry, Biology, and Earth Science; disciplines other than science included Social Studies, Math, and World and U. S. History. Prior to teaching, Mr. Parrish established independent corporations and served as President and CEO. The first was a bus company providing both charter and school bus operations nationally and in various states. Additionally, he established a sports officiating company supporting sporting events on military bases throughout the country and overseas locations. Mr. Parrish has also owned and operated a construction company specializing in both new home construction and remodeling.

 During the historically turbulent 1960s and specifically the period between 1966 and 1970, Commodore Parrish served in the U. S. Coast Guard, both in Southeast Asia and the continental U.S. He joined the Coast Guard as part of the Treasury Department and left the Coast Guard in 1970, then a part of the Transportation Department, as a Boatswain’s Mate. He served as a 40-Foot UTB (Large) coxswain for C.O.T.P. New Orleans, as well as other duties.

 Mr. Parrish is ready to put his work clothes on, roll up his sleeves and get to work, supporting all Auxiliarists and active-duty Coast Guard of District Seventeen and globally when called upon.


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 D17 Alaska

Since its creation by Congress in 1939, the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary (the Auxiliary) has served as the civilian, non-military component of the Coast Guard. Today, the 30,000 volunteer men and women of the Auxiliary are active on the waterways and classrooms in over 2,000 cities and towns across the nation.
Each year, Auxiliarists save almost 500 lives, assist some 15,000 boaters in distress, conduct more than 150,000 courtesy safety examinations of recreational vessels, and teach over 500,000 students in boating and water safety courses. The results of these efforts save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars every year.


Be Part of the Action & Help Save Lives
Since the recreational boating population in the United States is growing rapidly, the Coast Guard Auxiliary needs a few good men and women like you. As an Auxiliarist, you will have the opportunity to select and participate in one or more of the Auxiliary's major programs. If you feel strongly about the rewards you can get from serving your community, the Coast Guard Auxiliary is the right place for you! Either through on- water Operations, the Auxiliary's Public Education Program, Courtesy Examination Program, Radio Watchstander, Coast Guard Recruiting, Marine Environmental Protection or Coast Guard Administration.

Increase Your Skills.
The Auxiliary and the Coast Guard provide specialized training on all aspects of boating, as well as leadership and administration. Auxiliarists receive valuable training in seamanship and related skills, and enjoy the sense of confidence of knowing that they are better and safer boaters.

Support the Coast Guard
Auxiliarists provide direct operational and administrative support to many local Coast Guard units. You can wear the Coast Guard Auxiliary uniform and become part of Team Coast Guard. When you qualify through training, you can take part in Search and Rescue operations, stand radio watch at the Coast Guard Station, work with the Marine Safety Office on pollution matters or work in the Recruiting Office.

Service to Your Community
Auxiliarists aren't paid with money, but with satisfaction. We furnish and maintain our own equipment and can choose to participate at a level tailored to our individual capabilities. We provide boating safety classes for youth and adults and examine recreational vessel for safety equipment to ensure that our neighbors will be safe on the waterways.
Enjoy Fun & Fellowship
In all activities, enjoy fellowship - the good company of other Auxiliarists at meetings and training sessions, on patrols and other missions, and at ceremonies and social events. One of he Auxiliary's trademarks is good old-fashioned hospitality. Friends, neighbors and interested members of the public are always welcome to attend one of our flotilla meetings. In addition, dedication to boating safety provides the atmosphere for getting together to swap boating experiences and participate in cruises and rendezvous. You'll find a special camaraderie among Auxiliarists that's hard to beat. There's time to relax and have fun at Auxiliary outings, training sessions, patrols, CMEs, classes, and conferences. Auxiliarists make lasting, meaningful friendships. Knowing that you belong to a special group of people that directly participate in helping save lives gives your Auxiliary membership a special meaning.

Please feel free to contact us either by telephone or via ONLINE FORM. Your inquiry will be forwarded to an Auxiliary member who lives in your general area for follow-up.
Depending on which area of Alaska you boat at there are different Flotilla's that operate around the state. However, if you live in Anchorage or Fairbanks, the members of those flotillas boat in different locations like Seward or Valdez or Whittier! It is all a matter of investigating the different choices or you just might want to join up with the flotilla your friends belong to or boat out of! You can get more information on the different flotillas under the Visitor Information link above, just go to the Local Flotilla Websites menu and chose from the list.