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For All Boaters..Even If You Don't Consider Yourself One

Vessel Safety Check. Be safer.

Vessel Safety Check decal

Boaters, fishermen, or anyone who uses a vessel on the water to get from here to there..there are safety items you need to have.

Do you have the minimum safety equipment on your vessel to meet your state and federal requirements? Request your free vessel safety check (VSC) to have a vessel examiner (VE) tell you!

Have a vessel examiner contact you

  • Use the I Want A VSC web page.
    TEMPORARILY NOT AVAILABLE Find your location nationwide.
    - or -
  • Fill out our Request a VSC or Info form.
    Primarily for people in for WA-OR-ID-MT (District 13).

A Vessel Safety Check (VSC) is NOT an official Coast Guard boarding.  It  is made solely as a helpful safety service to you, the boating public.  The safety check results are ONLY reported to you, the vessel owner. 

What if my boat flunks the Vessel Safety Check?

No problem, just schedule a second examination. A VSC is not a law enforcement action. No one gets a copy of your failure to pass. You get a check list of what your vessel needs and, often, help in obtaining them. Getting an exam is easy too.  Usually, an Auxiliary Vessel Examiner will meet you at your boat -- back at the ramp, marina or even your house.

What is checked?

A vessel examiner checks multiple items. Specific requirements vary according to your vessels' size, type and method of registration. For example, a documented 26' sailboat, a Washington state registered 40' powerboat and a PWC all have different requirements.

Equipment Checks 

On These Vessel Types

Any State or Local requirements.

required items:
Alternate Propulsion
Dewatering Device
Distress Signals
Electrical System
Fire Extinguishers
Fuel Systems
Navigation Rules
Sewage System
Recreational Vessels:
  • Powerboats
  • Sailboats
  • Personal water craft (PWC)
  • Paddle craft:
Row boats,
Stand-up paddle boards

You can also check your own vessel!

Checking your own vessel is highly encouraged! The better you know your own equipment, the more prepared you are. However, a qualified vessel examiner must examine your vessel in person before issuing you a safety decal.