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Awards & Decorations

Division 10 Commanders' Award for Leadership Excellence

First created in 2012; This award is limited to a member who is serving on the Division Board or Staff, who during the year they demonstrate excellent leadership in supporting the flotillas in the Division.


2014 Timothy Kahn 

2013  Roderick Rollins

2012 Carrie A. Van De Boom 




Division 10 Outstanding Auxiliary Member

All BQ and AX Auxiliarist are eligible with the exception of all current Commanders. The Division Commander or Flotilla Commander may nominate two candidates for this award. In addition this award may NOT be presented to the same Auxiliarist for more than two successive years. This award is only considered when a member has demonstrated Response and Prevention skills and is recommended by the Division Awards Committee.


2014  Douglas Lazo 


2013 Monica Eaton
2012 Carrie A. Van De Boom
2011 William H. Correll

2010 Monica Eaton
2008 Barbara M. Leonardi
2007 Antony D. Leonardi
2006 George T. Cusack
2005 Anthony D. Leonardi
2004 Michael J. Lauro
2003 Michael J. Lauro
2002 Terri A. Linn
2001 Cameron L. Linn
2000 William L. Sharp
1998 Margaret M. Wall
1997 Margaret M. Wall
1996 Mary L. Swanson
1995 Paul A. McDougall
1994 Paul A. McDougall
1993 Cleo B. Sharp
1992 Albert K. Boyden
1991 Curtis J. Sathre
1990 Albert K. Boyden
1989 Albert K. Boyden
1988 Henrietta V. Desmond
1987 Dorothy L. Fleisig
1986 Henrietta V. Desmond
1985 Philip F. Fleisig
1984 Samuel O. Smelsey
1983 Priscilla W. Morris
1982 Priscilla W. Morris
1981 Helmer R. Adler
1980 John R. Morris
1979 Gregory J. Decristofaro
1978 Philip E. Fleisig
1977 Roy G. Toomer



Division 10 Outstanding Sustaining Auxiliary Member

 This award is for the Auxiliarist (BQ or AX) who has the highest level of continuous service to the Auxiliary for five or more years, with the exception of those serving in an elective office above Division Vice Commander. Past elected officers are eligible regardless of the level. The Division Commander and each Flotilla Commander may nominate up to two candidates for this award. Only those nominated will be considered. There shall be no limit to the number of times or frequency an Auxiliarist may receive this award. All nominees shall be rated in all areas of participation.


2014  Kenneth McSheehy 


Division 10 Outstanding Flotilla 

Only flotillas in good standing and have not had any adverse actions that would bring discredit upon the Division, all dues are paid, and all members certifications are current.

Each year all Flotillas in the Division will be considered for this award based on; Patrol hours, Communication hours, Vessel Safety Check performed, RBS Visitation performed, Public Education hours, Marine Safety and Environment Protection hours, Member Training hours, Public Affairs hours, Growth & Retention for the year, Member Participation is percent of BQ/AX; including OP, CM, VE, PE, PV, MT, and NS. (The flotilla must have 33% of its members participating in one or more of these areas.).

2014 Not Awarded

                                                                           2013 STOCKTON Flotilla


                                                                           2012 KAWEAH Flotilla
                                                                           2011 FRESNO Flotilla
                                                                           2010 MODESTO Flotilla
                                                                           2009 MODESTO Flotilla
                                                                           2008 STOCKTON Flotilla
                                                                           2007 MODESTO Flotilla
                                                                           2006 KAWEAH Flotilla
                                                                           2005 STOCKTON Flotilla
                                                                           2004 MODESTO Flotilla
                                                                           2003 MODESTO Flotilla
                                                                           2002 MODESTO Flotilla
                                                                           2001 MODESTO Flotilla
                                                                           2000 STOCKTON Flotilla