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Welcome to the Division 10, District 11NR Web Site


Division Commander Michael Rafatti  Division Vice Commander Chris Bennett


 Immediate Past Division Commander Tom Witt

We WELCOME you to San Joaquin Valley Division 10

San Joaquin Valley Division 10 Flotillas comprise a very unique area that are rich communities of commerce and recreational activities; Visalia, Fresno, Modesto, and Stockton.

Division 10 serves the great San Joaquin Valley from the northern edge of San Joaquin County to the northern edge Kern County. The San Joaquin River flows 350 miles from south central California to join the Sacramento River and enter San Francisco Bay. The Delta and its other lakes, rivers, and streams, all play important roles to both commerce and recreational boating to the area that is the bread basket of California.  Together these waterways total over 1,000 miles of unparallel beauty across eight counties and 4 major metropolitan areas...

San Joaquin Valley Division 10 is responsible for 20 inland lakes and major waterways including the San Joaquin Delta, and with only 90 volunteer members in the four Flotillas they gave 24,895 total hours of boating safety service to the public, which was equal to 12 full time Coast Guard members. 

Modesto Flotilla 10-2 Area of Responsibility includes Turlock Lake, McClure Lake, Modesto Lake, Woodward Lake, Tulloch Lake, New Melones Lake, Don Pedro Lake, with work also on Comanche Lake.

Stockton Flotilla 10-3 Area of Responsibility includes the headwaters on the San Joaquin River, the San Joaquin Delta, Comanche Lake, Salt Springs Valley Lake, Pardee Lake, and New Hogan Lake.

Fresno Flotilla 10-5 Area of Responsibility includes Hensley Lake, Eastman Lake, Millerton Lake, Shaver Lake, and Pine Flat Lake.

'Visalia' Kaweah Flotilla 10-6 Area of Responsibility includes Lake Kaweah, Bravo Lake, and Success Lake, with work also on Pine Flat Lake.

Crew members on bridge Radio Watch Boating Safety Booth Auxiliary Facility, IMADORY.