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Member Training

Always check if the course links on this page are current,
by reviewing the District Member Training page
Additional electronic education resources
here .

New Basic Qualification course (BQC II) for new members. 

 For Flotilla 8-7 information about Mandated Training, click here
There was/is an issue in recording of completed training in Course 502319 Civil Rights Awareness; if you think you might be affected, click here.

To learn about dealing with various AUX forms: Flotilla 8-7 AUX Forms Presentation.

ORM/TCT course 2017An ORM/TCT course being taught at USCGSTA Noyo River in March 2017. From the right: Jeff  Gunning, Glenn Funk, Steve Nilson,

Instructor BM1 Lowry,

Betsy Frey, Helen MacKenzie-Morris, Ken Reynoldson.

Photo by Lorraine Cheny


National Training

Training Directorate Web Site
Training Compendium
Includes courses, manuals, exams, powerpoints and workshops
2015 new Auxiliary Manual M16790.1G
2015 1 hour TCT Training
Participant Reference Guide
2015 1 hour TCT Training
Facilitator Resource Guide
2015 1 hour TCT Training
Presentation Slides (pdf)
2015 1 hour TCT Training
Presentation Slides (ppt)
2015 Operations Workshop (pdf)

- Any Auxiliarist qualified in the operations area can present the OPs workshop, however an operations-qualified person who is also IT qualified is preferred.

- Instructor will bring a  Workshop Attendance ANSC Form 7039 to class. Each person will sign a Form, to be entered into AUXDATA by the IS officer..

Division/District Training

District Webinar Schedule and District Webinar Registration
New and Prospective Member Weekly Webinar
Auxiliary Procedures Course (APC) Manual
and Additional Study Materials
AUX Acronyms

Forms, Forms, and More Forms

D11NR Forms

D11NR Downloadable Forms

List of ALCOAST and other USCG Messages

Division 8 and Flotilla 8-7 AUXDATA One Click Member Reports

D11NR AUXDATA Member Reports

District Surface OPs

Training Courses:

Coast Guard Auxiliary - Online Classroom (was called U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Virtual Classroom)

National Testing Center Portal
Value-Added Training





ICS-210 Available in classroom only, usually at PCA Fairs and DTRAIN
ICS-300 COXSWAINs may substitute ICS-210 for ICS-300 (FEMA ICS-300 will not be accepted after 31 Dec 2010)
ICS-400 Available through CG only (FEMA ICS-400 will not be accepted after 31 Dec 2010)

Reminder: Make sure Anita gets a copy of your completion certificate
so your AUXDATA info can be updated.

AUXOP Courses:
Operational Auxiliarist Program
Search, Coordination & Execution
Navigation (AUXNAV) Contact our FSO-MT for a hard copy. No digital version is available.

Student Study Guides and Drills:
A great place to find study guides and get ready for Auxiliary Exams
  Includes manuals for: APC, AUXCOM, AUXPAT, AUXSEA, Weather Specialty Course, NavRules and Study Guides for: AUXNAV, and AUXSCE

How to become a Vessel Examiner:     USCGAUX VE Dept logo

Mandatory VE Workshop (2014): AUXLMS

VE workshop informational email available at the District 11NR VSC site

Other Interesting Things:

Animated Knot Tying
AUX Online Courses

Classical Lens Maintenance

If there are any issues with this page content, contact our FSO-CS .