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Boating Safety

The USCG provides free smartphone apps,
including Emergency Assistance with one click:

at the Apple App Store (ios) and at Google Play (Android)

About Boating Safely Course, presented at Coast Guard Station Fort Bragg 2017

           USCGSTA Noyo RiverABS  class 2017   USCGSTA Noyo RiverABS  class 2017
               Class instructors Glenn and Chris

This class will be offered here again on Sunday, June 10, 0800-1700, at USCG Station Noyo River. If you wish to participate, contact our PE-Officer.

Boating Skills and Seamanship Course, click here.

For other nearby courses, click here.

For Vessel Safety assistance, click here.

ABC's of California Boating from the California Division of Boating and Waterways

California Boater Card Information

California will begin enforcing its Boater Card on January 1, 2018.
Details here.

This course may help you save on insurance.

USCG AUX National Prevention Department             USCG AUX National Prevention Department

             USCG AUX Recreational Boating Safety Website

              District 11 NR Marine Safety and Environmental Protection

           AUXPAD: Paddlecraft Safety

 Dockwalker Training          2018 Dockwalker NorCal Program


USCG Sea Partner's Program                 
                  USCG Sea Partner's Program

                  USCG Sea Partners on Facebook



America's Waterway Watch      America's Waterway Watch


If you have questions about Marine Safety please contact our MS-Officer

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