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U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary History

Established in 1939 by an act of Congress as the United States Coast Guard Reserve and later designated as the Auxiliary in 1941, the Auxiliary is an incorporated, civilian volunteer component of the United States Coast Guard. By tradition, the Auxiliary was formed to provide recreational boating safety, small vessel checks, boating education, search and rescue (SAR) and administrative support in reinforcing activities of the Coast Guard nation-wide. The Auxiliary supports all USCG missions and operations except law enforcement and combat.

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Activities

Our uniformed members conduct water patrols such as search and rescue, environmental protection, harbor patrols, and maritime observation missions. Additionally, we perform land patrols, conduct safety inspections of recreational and small commercial vessels, and instruct the public in safe boating courses. We also provide interpreter services, serve on Coast Guard and Auxiliary vessels, and inspect aids-to-navigation assets. Auxiliarists work as chefs in various venues, stand communications and harbor security watches, assist in public affairs duties, and in the Coast Guard Academy Admissions program. These are just some of the services that we provide the Coast Guard to enhance their efforts to ensure safe and secure ports and waterways.

Division 8 has 4 Flotillas located in Lake, Mendocino, Humboldt, and Del Norte Counties. Our Area of Responsibility extends from Clear Lake, Noyo Harbor, Lake Mendocino and coastal waters off Crescent City. In addition, Division 8 has the responsibility for maintenance of the Pt. Cabrillo Light House. Division 8 has 100+ men and women whom are proud to be members of  The Coast Guard Auxiliary and are "Semper Paratus" (always ready).

Area of Operations

Division 8 patrols inland lakes and coastal waters. Whatever your interests and life skills are, and given the numerous training opportunities, chances are that you will find a rewarding area of service in the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. This service will enrich your life in ways you may not have imagined. Not only will you help your country, you may find friends that last a lifetime. The time commitment is flexible and is based solely on your availability and interest. If you are searching for adventure, and a way to serve your nation, consider joining the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary!


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Richard Stanton
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
Commander, Division 8
District 11-North

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