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U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

Established in 1939 by an act of Congress as the United States Coast Guard Reserve and later designated as the Auxiliary in 1941, the Auxiliary is the civilian volunteer component of the United States Coast Guard.  By tradition, the Auxiliary was formed to provide recreational boating safety, small vessel checks, boating education, search and rescue (SAR) and administrative support in reinforcing activities of the active Coast Guard nation-wide.  The Auxiliary supports all USCG missions and operations except law enforcement and combat.

Coast Guard Auxiliary Aviation

Auxiliary aviators complement and extend that capability of the Coast Guard.  Private, general aviation (GA) aircraft are ideally suited for a wide range of USCG operations in the traditional role as well as search and rescue (SAR).  At between one and two thousand feet, Auxiliary flight crews watch over bays, ports and harbors, bridges, causeways, stand guard over migrant interdiction and monitor large vessel traffic transiting littoral water and steaming through inland deepwater shipping channels.  Most important is the use of Auxiliary aircraft for lower priority missions that conserve Coast Guard aviation assets, allowing USCG air stations time for more hazardous or specialized missions and training.  Auxiliary aircraft continue to provide considerable “multi-mission capability” and are available to undertake a wide range of specialized mission assignments.

Area of Operation

Aux Air missions are flown over the 1000 miles of Bay Delta Waterways, San Pablo Bay, San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Coastline from Monterey Bay to Fort Bragg.

Flotilla 3-1, based at USCG Air Station Sacramento, California, has developed a comprehensive aviation program that meets the aviation needs of District 11NR Auxiliary. This program has been developed in cooperation with Coast Guard liaison officers and instructors at USCG Air Stations San Francisco and Sacramento.


  Question or Comment, you may contact our Flotilla Commander:  
    Byron Duard Foster
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
Commander, Flotilla 3-1
Division 3, District 11-North

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