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District 11NR Information Services

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Information Services is responsible for the planning, collection, 
and dissemination of information and statistics.

 Job Description


DSO-IS  Robert Aston
Robert Aston DSO-IS


Reports are communications with members of the unit, unit leaders, and the next level of responsibility, both ways if at the division level.  Reports are available on the Programs/Staff
 [Latest Report]


Auxiliary Manual  -  (Annotated)
AUXDATA User Guide
AUXINFO User Guide
AUX-10  Training opportunity for 
                 IS Officers
Department of Information Technology
                 'IU' Dept



If an IS officer is unable to enter data during a specific period, then establish a due date for members to submit their data.
Normally the DSO-IS runs end of year totals for the district within the fourth week in January for the preceding year.
Any members who are not showing their annual currency maintenance requirements are completed will go REYR on 1 February when the REYR list is run.


Links and Forms

New Online 7029! Check it out today!

Auxiliary National Supply Center Forms - some may be completed on the web and printed for submission to the FSO-IS. This link contains frequently used forms:
  ANSC 7030 Mission Activity Report
  ANSC 7029 Member Activity Log
  ANSC 7035 Change in Member Status
  ANSC 7017 Record of Unit Meeting
  ANSC 7028 Change of Member Information
A quick way to find member's names and e-mail addresses, as well as Auxiliary officers, are listed in AuxOfficers.