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Board 2024

Auxiliary National Leadership Coast Guard Senior Leadership

2024 Executive Committee (EXCOM)
and District Captains

EXCOM & Voting Members of the District Board

COMO Curtis Han
COMO Curtis Han, DCO
11NR District Commodore
Jim Losi
Jim Losi, DCOS
11NR District Chief of Staff
COMO Dean McFarren
COMO Dean McFarren, IPDCO
DCO 11NR Immediate Past District Commodore
Liaison to Division 7
CDR Christina Jones

CDR Christina Jones, USCG
Director of Auxiliary, CCGD11(dpa-n)

District Captains

COMO Dale Fajardo, DCAPT-P
District Captain - Prevention
Liaison to Divisions 4 , 6, 12

Michael Brown DCAPT-R
District Captain - Response
Liaison to Divisions 8, 10, 11
Bill Hale, DCDR 8
Bill Hale DCAPT-S
District Captain - Support
Liaison to Divisions 1, 3, 5

Division Commanders
Voting Members of the District Board

Division & Area of Responsibility (AOR)

Pete Gorenberg
Division 1

Douglas MacPherson, DCDR 3
Douglas MacPherson
Division 3
Sacramento Region

Kristan Verveniotis, DCDR 4
Kristan Verveniotis
Division 4
South Bay

Randy McCormick, DCDR 5
Randy McCormick
Division 5
Suisun Bay

Bruce Krogstad, DCDR 6
Bruce Krogstand
Division 6
Gold Coast

Bill Ross, DCDR 7
Bill Ross
Division 7

Richard Stanton, DCDR 8
Richard Stanton
Division 8
North Coast

Michael Rafatti, DCDR 10
Michael Rafatti
Division 10
San Joaquin Valley

Byrce Leinan, DCDR 11
Bryce Leinan
Division 11

Nikolay Zherebnenkov, DCDR 12
Nikolay Zherebnenkov
Division 12
East Bay/Neptune

Event Planning
Past Commanders Association (PCA)

Member of the District Board

Randy McCormick
Randy McCormick
Event Planning

Nancy Marion
Nancy Marion
Past Commanders Association
Voting Member of the Board