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Welcome to the Flotilla 4-8, District 9ER Web Site

Welcome Aboard Flotilla 48 in Hamlin, NY

Flotilla 48 Base 

Flotilla 4-8 was established in 1978.  We are all volunteers with the purpose of supporting the Coast Guard through promoting and improving recreational boating safety.  

Flotilla 48 has 14 active members. We are involved in many activities, including:

Free Vessel Safety Checks - Contact us and we will come to your home or marina to check your boat for compliance with federal and state requirements.  Your reward will be a Vessel Safety Decal and knowledge that you have the required equipment.

Boating Classes - Check out the different boating classes that we offer.  Contact us for the class of your choice.

Visiting Marinas and Marine Dealers - We supply boating safety information to marinas and dealers for all types of boats, including paddle craft.  State and Federal brochures along with pamphlets on life jackets and  visual distress signals are just a few of the free information we supply.

Dockside Advisors - If you see us on the dock, feel free to stop us and ask questions.  We are more than happy to share our knowledge with you.  

REMEMBER - Don't just pack it: Wear Your Jacket! 

Explore our pages to discover about us and what you can do as an Auxiliarist.


🔥 Recreational boaters should be aware that on April 20, 2022 updated Coast Guard requirements take effect for the type of portable disposable fire extinguishers that need to be onboard recreational vessels that are propelled or controlled by propulsion machinery. 🔥

 Where can I find the recently published final rule on regulations for fire protection for recreational vessels?

A1. The rule may be found at . These regulations will be incorporated into 33 CFR Chapter 1, Sub-Chapter S in the near future.

What is the effective date of the fire protection for recreational vessels regulation?

A2. The rule takes effect on April 20, 2022.

What is new in the fire protection for recreational vessels regulation?

A3. If your disposable (non-rechargeable) fire extinguisher has a date of manufacture stamped on the bottle (example: “05” means 2005), and it is older than 12 years, the extinguisher is considered expired and must be removed from service. Look for wording on the bottle stating, “This product must be removed from service within 12 years after date of manufacturing”.

How can I tell if a fire extinguisher is approved for use on boats?

A4. The label on the bottle will state “Marine Type – USCG Approved”. Underwriters Labs approves fire extinguishers on behalf of the USCG