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District Chief of Staff

Steven Botsford

Steven Botsford
District 9ER Chief of Staff
Welcome to the District 9 ER Chief of Staff (DCOS) web page!

The DCOS works under the District Commodore’s general direction and assists in the administration and accomplishment of all district activities. My office supervises and works with the District Staff Officers (DSOs), District Captains (DCAPs) and the Division Commanders (DCDRs), oversees the administration and management of district Auxiliary programs and, when directed, acts for and on behalf of the District Commodore (DCO). The District Captains supervise and work with the District Staff officers under their areas of responsibility and are assigned liaison duties with specific divisions. All of our District 9ER officers are here to provide the support needed to accomplish these missions.

We are living through unprecedented times, with budget cuts, the continued presence of the pandemic and increasing requirements including greater emphasis on record keeping. As such, it is important that we all work together to best support the Coast Guard and this wonderful country of ours. Flotillas and Divisions cannot be isolated; they must work together to support one another, especially in those circumstances where a flotilla is lacking resources that another flotilla, or its division, may be able to offer. The concept of being a team has never been more important. And one of the most important concepts of being a good team member is respect. Not only respect for the other members of your team, which includes both Coast Guard active-duty members and their civilian counterparts, but the members of the boating community and the public in general.

Teams need leaders. I encourage all members to consider getting appointed to or running for a higher office. And those in higher offices to provide mentoring for those who will eventually succeed you. It will only make for a better Coast Guard Auxiliary.