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9th Coast Guard District
Auxop Association

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Thank you for visiting our web site. membership in this organization is open to any Auxop member of the 9th Coast Guard District Eastern, Western, or Central Auxiliary regions. This web site was approved by the Auxop Association on October 16, 2006 and revised on December 31, 2014.


The main mission of the Association is to promote the advancement of Auxiliary members to the status of Auxop, which is an Auxiliary Operational Specialist. Our entire mission statement is spelled out in our standing rules. Our organization was established on March 13, 1982 and since then has been a special training unit within the 9th Central Auxiliary Region. In 2006 the name was revised from 9th Central Region to 9th Coast Guard District so that we could include Auxop members from our eastern and western regions. In 2011 the Auxiliary National Board revised the requirements for Auxop status members and expanded the program from the original 7 specialty courses, to include courses in leadership, marine safety, additional FEMA courses beyond those required for boat crew qualifications and other C-School courses.

If you are an Auxop status Auxiliary member and wish to be a part of our organization, please contact the current president for further instructions. Our standing rules (listed below) describe all of our requirements. Also listed below are the current requirements for Auxop status. We look forward to hearing from you.  

AUXOP Officers:

 Kenneth (Ken) Renner...President 

Ronlad (Bud) Nusly...Vice President 

Debra Bresnan...Secretary 

Kirsten Iglesias...Treasurer  


Membership Application 

Auxop Requirement Worksheet

Standing Rules

Auxop Officers

To Learn More Visit the National Training Directorate