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Welcome to the Division 8, District 8CR Web Site

                          George Collins, Division Commander

                                Dave Shores, Vice Division Commander

It is my honor to serve as Division Commander of the Eighth Division of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary’s Eighth District, Coastal Region and to welcome you to our official website.

Division Eight was formed in 1958 and is currently comprised of six flotillas consisting of approximately 76 highly-trained volunteer men and women. The Eighth Division has an area of responsibility (“AOR”) that covers approximately 550 square miles of inland waterways, lakes, and reservoirs in central Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia.

Our primary purpose is to prevent injury, loss of life, and property damage on the waters of our AOR. As a multi-mission force multiplier for the U.S. Coast Guard, the Eighth Division achieves its purpose through a variety of missions both under-way and a shore. Each year the men and women of Division Eight perform over 400-under-way patrols, conduct over 500 courtesy vessel inspections, verify over 100 aids to navigation, and spend 1,000 hours in public outreach.

I invite you to browse through the pages of this website and learn more about what we do and how the men and women of the Eighth Division are Semper Paratus.

George Collins
Division Commander
8th Division, 8th District Coastal Region