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Welcome to Mobile, Al Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 081-03-09 of the Eighth Coast Guard District Coastal Region. 

Mobile, Alabama is home to the Port of Mobile (Alabama State Docks) the 11th largest export port in the US. With the world's largest forest products terminal, the Port of Mobile ranks first nationally for wood pulp exports and second for forest products. There are several ship yards located at the head of Mobile Bay that work on a range of vessels including military vessels. Our members have been assisting Marine Safety Office Mobile with many of the tasks surrounding the activities in the port. In 2002, Flotilla 081-03-09 was awarded the Ed Hollowell Award for providing outstanding service and long hours of volunteer service.

Mobile Bay is connected to the Gulf of Mexico, several rivers, the Mobile Delta, and several bayous. Most boaters that make the North-South migration along the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway make a stop in one of the many Mobile Bay marinas. It is not uncommon for Flotilla 081-03-09 members to assist boaters that have come down the waterway from Chicago that are not familiar with the waters in this area (depths can vary from 47 feet in the main channel to 4 inches in some areas that have silted in. Boaters in our area can enjoy both fresh water and salt water fishing. Each with their own set of boating safety concerns (and their own fishing license). There is also a large fleet of commercial fishing vessels that include shrimp, crab, and oyster boats.

Mobile Bay is also the site of the annual Dauphin Island Regatta which is the largest single day sailing event in the United States. It was at the mouth of Mobile Bay where Union Admiral David G. Farragut commanded his ships to storm past mines and cannon fire from Confederate forts with his famous charge, "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!" Every year, this famous naval battle and the land battles that followed are reenacted.



Many missions are searching for activities that potentially damaging to the marine environment. Our members are active in environmental cleanup events that take place in the area. The members often volunteer their boats to be used outside of the Auxiliary in order to clean up the waterways.

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