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Search and Rescue 30MAY13

Nine members of our flotilla had a chance to help save lives during a routine Air Drop Support Mission on May 30th. Four drops were scheduled for the day. While on standby, Auxiliarist Rick Quinn, owner of the Auxiliary facility M/V Ring Dang Doo, heard a distress call come over the VHF radio.

A shrimp boat had sank close to the west end of Cat Island in the Mississippi Sound with three people on board. None of the shrimp boat's crew were wearing Personal Floatation Devices, but a life jacket was seen floating nearby.


Luckily for the crew, another fishing vessel was nearby and saw the incident. The F/V Miss Kathleen steamed over to the scene. Her crew then pulled all three people out of the water - one floating with a life ring; the other two clinging to the stricken vessel's ice box.

The Ring Dang Doo made it to the scene next and stayed with Miss Kathleen until a US Coast Guard RB-S arrived.


If not for the efforts of the crews of the Miss Kathleen and the Ring Dang Doo - coupled with those of the US Coast Guard - these mariners could have easily been swept out into the Gulf of Mexico.


USCG Auxiliary Crew follows:

FSO-MA Doug Wells
VFC Barry Cottrell
IPFC Rick Quinn
SO-OP Barry Fox
FSO-PE Curtis Marsh
FSO-OP Jim McReynolds
Member David Keith
DCO Larry King
Member Eric Bromwell

All photographs courtesy of Member David Keith.

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