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Sector Mobile Initiatives

Sector Mobile Command Initiatives





Sector Mobile Command has done a complete evaluation of the AOR in 8CR east.  Taking considerations the following initiatives are well suited for the Auxiliary branch and are well within the realm of being expanded upon by the members of the auxiliary.  These initiatives will expand the capabilities of Sector Mobile as a whole and will be invaluable to the safety and life of the general public.  The initiatives below are just some of the areas in which the command would like the 8CR East Auxiliary to focus their attention and efforts.


Recreational Boating Safety

Recreational Boating Safety is Job #1 in Sector Mobile’s AOR.  Vessel Examiners, Public Education Officers, Marine Dealer Visitors and Public Affairs Officers all play a vital part in keeping the Boating Public Safe and knowledgeable to the dangers while out on the water.  We are always looking for those members that can fill these important RBS roles. We encourage all Auxiliary Members to join in the RBS program of your choice and make a difference in keeping the boating public safe.  Contact your Flotilla Commander or Flotilla Training Officer for more information on how you can get started.

You can also get more information by Click Here for the National Recreational Boating Safety Website.

MS Uninspected Passenger Vessel Examiners & Dock Walkers

  With the establishment of the Gulf Coast Illegal Charters Task Force Sector Mobile would like to see the expansion of the Auxiliary Marine Safety UPVE program.  The UPVE program is an Active Duty direct operations qualification and requires special training.  Sector Mobile would like to see the Establishment of UPVE in the following locations, Pensacola, Destin Florida, Orange Beach, Perdido, Dauphin Island Alabama, Ocean Springs, Biloxi and Gulfport Mississippi.  Dock walking and distribution of UPV Inspection and Illegal charters literature to garner voluntary Inspections is a must to build a customer base.   It is encouraged to seek out Individuals wanting to further their Participation with Active Duty Operations. Contact your Auxiliary Sector Coordinator for more info on who to contact. You can also Click Here for more information about UPV.

Telecommunication Officer (TCO and Radio Net)

Telecommunication watch standers. The establishment of radio networks in Division 3 Mississippi Alabama Gulf Coast and Division 8 West Georgia, North Alabama Areas.  Establishment of these radio networks would complete the radio network for the entire D8 region.  These radio stations would enhance communication capabilities of the Auxiliary and the Sector during catastrophic Natural Disaster events such as Hurricanes, Tornados and Earthquakes.  Further expansion of this program could include a Mobile Radio Station Trailer fitted with LF/HF SSB SW and Ham radio and with capabilities to be operated in remote self-contained situations.  It is encouraged to seek out capable members to spearhead this project for your Divisions.

TCO Qualifications will also allow Auxiliary Members the ability to serve at Active Duty Units in need of Telecommunication Watch Standers. Contact your Auxiliary Sector Coordinator for more info. You can also Click Here to learn more about TCO qualifications.

Culinary Assistant Program

Culinary Assistant program is a program that is in need of member participation. CA 1,2, and 3’s can be utilized at Auxiliary Functions and events. They are also needed at Active duty units and aboard CG Vessels. CA’s are always in needed and a qualification if held could lead to many exciting things.  Get your CA qualifications and start augmenting at your nearest Station.

Contact your Flotilla Member Training Officer or talk with your Flotilla Commander on how to get involved in the Culinary Assistants Program.

For more Online Information Click Here for the National Culinary Assistants Website. 



Initiatives Change

The initiatives listed above are considered High Focus and would make a large impact for Sector Mobile.   However initiatives are subject to change as the needs for Sector Mobile change.  These are just a few great programs that Auxiliary component can contribute.  

Continuing efforts in recruiting for Active Duty and Auxiliary are always needed and appreciated.  Other Programs of great importance include, Aux Scouts, Surface Operations, Air Operations, ATON’s, MS.  We encourage all Auxiliary Members to choose a program in which they can excel.  All programs in the Auxiliary directly or indirectly support’s the active duty mission.   Your participation in these programs is greatly appreciated. Bravo Zulu for your continuing support.

Thank you and Semper Paratus!

"8CR East Making A Difference Where It Counts"