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Welcome to the District 8CR Web Site

J Patrick Feighery 
Alexander P. "Pete" Scamardo, Jr.
District 8CR Commodore
Donna E. Day
DCOS - Chief of Staff
Welcome to the U S Coast Auxiliary 8th Coastal Region's website and thank you for visiting us on the web. Please take a few minutes to view the various links on the site and learn more about the Coast Guard Auxiliary, who we are and what we do.

The Coast Guard Auxiliary is the uniformed civilian volunteer component of the United States Coast Guard, it's membership totals over 22,000 trained volunteers from all walks of life from across the nation. The Auxiliary's mission is to support and back fill the Active-Duty Coast Guard and the promotion of Recreational Boating Safety.

The 8th Coastal Region covers an area over 543,000 square miles that includes, the panhandle of Florida, Western Georgia and the states of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and New Mexico, it is home to over 1,300 Coast Guard Auxiliarists who work shoulder to shoulder with the Coast Guard on the water, in the air and on the shore by conducting Surface and Air Patrols, inspecting Boats and Paddlecraft, promoting boating safety and environmental protection through educating the boating public in the classroom on the web and at public events.

Our varied mission sets offer rewarding and meaningful volunteer opportunities for all people of all ages and backgrounds. Training to become certified to participate in surface and air patrols, boater safety education, environmental protection, emergency management and all other means of support to the U S Coast Guard is provided.

If you are interested in helping to provided safety and security to the citizens of our country have a desire to volunteer time to one of the world's premier volunteer organizations then the U S Coast Guard Auxiliary is for you. Membership is open to U S citizens 17 years of age or older. There are no age limits to membership. If you want to know more about membership in the USCGAUX please go to the link at the upper left-hand corner of our website, JOIN US NOW.
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The 8th Coastal Region from the EXCOM.

District Commodore - Pete Scamardo

Chief of Staff - Donna E. Day

District Captain - West and Recreational Boating Safety - Berhilo Galvan

District Captain - Central and Mission Support - Morrie Bishop

District Captain - East and Operations - Doug Ritchie

Immediate Past District Commodore - Pat Feighery

We stand ready to serve the members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary.




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