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Coast Guard Auxiliary "C" Schools


Ref:      (a) CG Auxiliary Manual
            (b) Collateral Duty D8 Operations Training Officer

  1. Short Term Training Requests will be submitted via email to your Flotilla Commander as the approving official and the FC will forward to Lynn Mott, C-School Coordinator for the district  at  The approving official is responsible for ensuring the member is eligible for the class and is appropriately suited for the specific training.  In the event the FC is requesting training it can be forwarded to your respective Division CDR.  Division CDR should route through their District Captain and all others directly to BOSN2 Laster.

  2. The body of the email or form will include name and member number, address, and phone number.  Also included will be all the dates the member is available to take the class or if any of the available dates would be acceptable.  The member will fill out the STTR requested information.  It is suggested that the members provide amplifying information as part of the email.  This information will  help in the selection of school dates and which members are selected for each class.

  3. The member and FC will receive an email notifying them that the training request has been received.  This ensures all concerned parties are aware of when the request was received.  Additionally the member will receive a notification email when the training has been formally requested.

  4. The goal for receipt of orders is 6 weeks out from the desired training date.  All travel arrangements will be made after the receipt of orders.  It is important to understand the orders are not generated from your DIRAUX office.  They are received in the DIRAUX office.

  5. At no time should a member need to go outside of their Chain of Leadership or the Director's Office for information on training.

  6. The Auxiliary Manual allows one C-School per 36 months.

  7. Members completing AUX-18 will need to forward the AUX-18 Training Form click on the form link to download.   Send this form John Edel, ADSO-ADM at his email address .

    The Director of Auxiliary and Operations Training Officer for D8 Coastal Region are dedicated to making sure their region provides the most highly trained members to their respective order issuing authorities.  Good luck with your training and we appreciate your service.

Download Short Term Training Request Email Form

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