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Welcome to the Division 15, District 7 Web Site

 Welcome from the Division 15 Commander

Division 15 consists of four local flotillas:  15-1 Crystal River, 15-3 Ocala, 15-4 Homosassa, and 15-8 Hernando Beach.  We are responsible for an area along the gulf coast from southern Hernando County, north to Jefferson County and from Central Florida to the Gulf of Mexico. 

Our members come from a variety of backgrounds, work experiences and skills. What unites us is our willingness to share our knowledge and expertise, our desire to support the recreational boating public and Coast Guard Station Yankeetown, and to realize the satisfaction we receive from giving back to the communities in which we live.

We are always looking for citizens who are interested in making a difference in their community. If you would like to join us, please contact the flotilla closest to you.

Semper Paratus,

DCDR Patrick Stewart

 The Four Cornerstones of the USCG Auxiliary

Boat Responsibly

Recreational Boating Safety
Operations and Marine Safety
Member Services

Paddle Responsibly

 Our Mission
The primary mission of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary is Recreational Boating Safety. We also have the mission to contribute to the safety and security of our citizens, ports, waterways and coastal regions, as authorized by the Commandant of the United States Coast Guard. We will support the overall mission by improving the quality and delivery methods of our educational products. We will work with other like-minded organizations to improve the overall knowledge of the boating public to increase awareness of safety on the water.
Our Vision
The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary will be recognized as the “Volunteer Organization of Choice” for American citizens interested in promoting recreational boating safety, security of America’s waterways and improved methods of educating the boating public. We will recruit, retain, train and deploy a ready, diverse and highly-skilled volunteer work force to contribute to Coast Guard Auxiliary mission success.
 Our Values
Honor, Respect, & Devotion to Duty


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