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New Member web links, First 6 Months

New Members - Web QuickStart | AuxDirectory Password

Posted by: Henry Seiden, FSO-CS

Hello & Welcome to Flotilla 14-7,

Thanks for your recent sign up as a Flotilla Member. Probably the first thing, after you are notified you have a new Aux ID is put it to work.So, you'll want to set yourself a Password to log into secure areas on our website or fill out forms and have a look at your own name  or the listing on our Auxiliary Unit Directory shortened to read AuxDirectory (also sometimes referred to as AuxOfficer).


That's what this announcement is about. You can do both things in the same spot- check your address and add/change the log-in password. It's pretty simple, too. Let's go have look around... Click the picture above to start.

It's a good idea to also bookmark this page in your browser so you can easily go here. Enjoy checking out the AuxDirectory and read the Quick Start Guide linked at the bottom of the page (also here).

While you're at it, please click and bookmark these two pages, as well:

  1. Our Flotilla web site home page (
  2. Your Auxiliary time reporting (A7029) web form. It's the home page for the form with instructions. 


 All these three pages - AuxDirectory, our web site and your Web A7029 will very quickly prove handy for you and your training in the Auxiliary.  Have one of our knowledgable members walk you though these three forms if you prefer or navigate them on your own and ask questions of our gurus, your FSO-IS, FSO-HR or me! 

What's new in HR tab

Posted by: Henry Seiden

Just added a new page  link to Aux Manuals. Click in the page from the tab for any or all of these fine manual recently rewritten. It should provide a handy all-in-one place addition to find : 



USCG & Auxiliary Acronyms

Fri, 04 Sep 20   Posted by: Henry Seiden, FSO-CS

People are often complaining about all the abbreviations and acronyms we deal with in Team Coast Guard. The what and why for them all dates back many years. Since we work in many of the same areas as Active Duty personnel and since they love their acronyms, we often need to know them. 

So, to help you new members out, here is an alphabetized 'starter set' of (by no means all) the acronyms or abbreviations you may likely hear spoken in meetings, general conversation or read in some texts possibly without explanation.

These are tabbed in alphabetical order, so you can refer back to them.  We'll talk about sailing terminology soon - a whole different kettle of fish, as it were - elsewhere.

 Meanwhile enjoy these in the spirit of camaraderie! And be sure to ask the speaker to expand them for you or deposit 50¢ in our "cookie jar."  

Coast Guard and Auxiliary Acronyms and Abbreviations 


P.S. If you hear of an acronym or an abbreviation not on this list, let me know!