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Getting Started With Core Training

Posted by: Henry Seiden, FSO-CS

AUXCT (Core Training )

 About Core Training (informational page - AUX CT & BQC II)

  • Where they are given on the web-based Aux Classroom. 
  • Renewable and one-time courses as described.
  • Linked from National Training Directorate.
  • Pickup your enrollment KEYS here. See left hand tab, after logging in with Member Zone ID +PW. 
  • Course offerings 

Training Options 

  • Moodle classroom - structured video classes. 
  • Several videos
  • PPT
  • PDF

AUX CT Quick Start


It was recently discovered that the Auxiliary AuxLearning Site (previously called Moodle) is easier and better than previously. How to access these programs:

  1. Go to website for AuxClassroom/AuxLearning

  2. Once on the login page you can enter the system by using your previously assigned ID and password. If you are a first time user you will need to set up an ID & password . Follow the next steps to set up an ID and password otherwise go to step 4 after logging in.

    1. Your “Username” is your same AuxID as in the Auxiliary (Member Zone Password)

    2. Password is the same as your Aux Password.

  3. You are now into the site and should be on webpage.

  4. You should be in the catalogue screen and click on "Auxiliary Courses"

  5. Click on Auxiliary mandated training or Other Auxiliary courses.

  6. Click on a specific course. This will take you to a course specific page.

  7. Once on the course page, click on the enroll button (the Apple) and the screen should tell you that you have successfully enrolled.

  8. To get to the actual course you will need to click on "my account" which is in the grey task bar at the top of the page.

  9. Once in "my account" click on the "Go" button for the course you selected.

  10. Now proceed thru the course and follow the directions.

  11. Once you complete the course. The system will record your completion in AUXDATA on the Monday after you completed the course. Please make a copy of the completion certificate at the end of the course for safekeeping and to send a confirmation to your IS Officer, just in case (highly recommended).