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Join the St. Augustine Coast Guard Auxiliary

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Flotilla 14-7 - St. Augustine, Florida Coast Guard Auxiliary

Enrollment Protocol:

Start by filling out and printing the ANSC7001 form (click here or on the text to the left for the form).

Then contact Dr. Steven Bergmann, the 14-7, St. Augustine Flotilla Staff Officer - Human Resources (FSO-HR), at 

He will schedule an appointment with you to continue the process.

You can also contact us through our flotilla email at 

Review the document Charting Your Course (click here or on the text to the left). Begin thinking about how you would make a contribution and get some real satisfaction being a part of a group that helps both your community and your country.

Promoting Boating Safety, Security and Stewardship Since 1939

Come to a Flotilla 14-7 meeting at the St. Augustine Yacht Club (for a map to our meeting location, click here) held on the first Thursday of each month at 7:30 PM.  This is a great time to meet the members and the officers of the Flotilla and get a real flavor of the personality and diversity of our group.

Next Steps (all these materials can be linked from this page by clicking the links highlighted below):

  1. Review the New Member Handbook 
  2. Review the New Member Reference Guide 
  3. Review the New Member Study Guide 
  4. Download and print the New Member Exam, PDF document and Exam Answer SheetPrint out both documents. Fill out the answer sheet (second document) in pencil using the first document. Bring the answer sheet with you. We will grade the exam together. Once complete your Member package is ready! 

We hope to hear from you!