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Sat, 23 Dec 23   Posted by: Henry Seiden, FSO-CS

In this Section we present several prominently features Electronic Publication You can view them from our website at their published links without having to search them elsewhere. I make every effort to put things in easy to find location here for the flotilla membership's ease of use.

In this head page, you will find a blurb about new editions to the magazines we received and in the case of the Navigator Express which is published in two distinct forms a description of the articles and forms available

As Flotilla FSO-CS my team and I regularly review all web page posts and update them for you our members and anyone using our we site. Please contact me  by email if you have any further ideas, comments or suggestion to improve this page. 

Some of the sub-pages are from other branches of the US Coast Guard and are printed by persmission. They may contain advertisements on their own pages. Their content is not managed by by us and is their own responsibility.  

Thanks! Happy reading. 

Sat, 23 Dec 23   Posted by: Henry Seiden, FSO-CS
Navigator Express PA Ezine


The Third Quarter Edition of the Navigator Express, the Auxiliary's
national quarterly e-magazine, is available online now! Take a deep dive
into this issue to learn about various missions performed across the
Auxiliary, and information to further your Auxiliary career. Articles in
this edition include:

  • Silver Charm’s Millennium Patrol Partnering with our Canadian Counterparts
  • Auxiliarist Joins POLAR STAR on Antarctic Mission
  • The Auxiliary's Youth Recruitment Focus
  • The STAR Program
  • 2023 Auxiliary Summer ICS Training
  • Our Power in Numbers: Recruiting Support
  • From the Auxiliary to the Reserve
  • The Next Generation: A Conversation
  • PFD Panda in Action
  • Coast Guard Mutual Assistance
  • NAVEX Editorial

You can see updates of the Auxiliary Publications in out sub menus as well.  

Where and how to download and read your own copy copy for free:
  • Access the “flipbook” e-magazine HERE (this version may not work with all browsers)
  • To download and/or view a simple PDF version, click HERE (may not work with all browsers)
  • Click on the picture above for PDF viewing or download version. 


The Annual Edition of Navigator Magazine mailed

Thu, 08 Feb 24   Posted by: Henry Seiden, VFC

The latest edition of the 2023 Navigator Magazine published by the PA Department (A Directorate) was mailed out to all Members recently. If you did not get yours please let your FC know.