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Welcome to the Flotilla 12-8, District 7 Web Site

The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary

Flotilla 12-8 ATON Patrol Boat on Charleston Harbor.

Flotilla 12-8 ATON Patrol Boat on Charleston Harbor.

Our Flotilla was created in 1965, since then we have served Charleston and its surrounding areas helping to inform and educate the public on safe boating practices, perform courtesy vessel safety checks, as well as assisting the US Coast Guard in its mission of promoting boating safety and saving lives. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

To the Members of Flotilla 12-8, we pride ourselves on being mission ready; anytime, and anyplace we are called to serve. Throughout the history of this Flotilla, we have served our community and country. As we continue to serve others, we need our members to stay informed, and prepared. I ask that you join me in visiting this site daily for the latest information and news.

In 1939, the Coast Guard Auxiliary was established by Congress under title 14 of the United States Code. Congress authorized the Auxiliary to support all USCG missions, other than those related to direct engagement in either law enforcement activities or military combat operations. The law stated that the Purpose of the Auxiliary is to assist the Coast Guard in the following areas:

  • To promote safety and effect rescues on and over the high seas and navigable waters;
  • To promote efficiency in the operation of motorboats and yachts;
  • To foster a wider knowledge of, and better compliance with the laws, rules, and regulations governing the operation of motorboats and yachts;
  • To facilitate other operations of the Coast Guard.

Today, our members represent a diverse cross section of American Citizens with varied backgrounds, interests, and skills. Our members contribute a variety of talents that make this Auxiliary Flotilla unique and strong. During World War II, Members patrolled the waters off the coast of Charleston searching for German U-Boats, and protected shipping by pulling anti-submarine nets across the Charleston Harbor entrance. In later years we helped maintain the lighthouse at Sullivan’s Island. We continue to support the United States Coast Guard in many areas including Safety and Security Patrols, Communications, Public Education, and Vessel Examinations. We also have a detachment at the Citadel with cadet members that will possibly become future Coasties and one day serve on active duty.




United States Coast Guard Auxiliary & US Coast Guard Recruiting

We're very proud to announce that our Flotilla has recently been presented with an award from the US Coast Guard Academy for Outstanding Support in recruiting. This is a great honor for our Flotilla, and we look forward to assisting with recruiting in the future. 




Our primary purpose is to support the Coast Guard in the successful completion of its assigned missions. With a long history of dedicated service and sense of pride, we are America's Volunteer Guardians. In that role, we serve and protect America's Boaters by promoting safety and environmental stewardship. If you would like more information about the Auxiliary or Flotilla 12-8, follow the various links on our left sidebar. When we see you on the water we'll always offer a Big Wave and a Smile. We're proud to be there when needed, and are always happy to see other responsible boaters.

Rick Leary, Flotilla Commander, US Coast Guard Auxiliary, Flotilla 12-8
Charleston, South Carolina