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USCG Auxiliary Uniform

 USCG Auxiliary Uniforms

 The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary is the civilian, uniformed component of the United States Coast Guard.

United States Coast Guard Auxiliary uniforms distinguish Auxiliarists from members of other uniformed services and civilian auxiliaries. Auxiliary uniforms are identical to Coast Guard officers' uniforms with the exception that the buttons and stripes on Auxiliary uniform dress jackets and shoulder boards are silver in color, rather than gold, thus the terms "Gold Side" and "Silver Side" to differentiate between the Active Duty/Reserve (AD/R) and Auxiliary Coast Guard components.
Auxiliarists are expected to wear uniforms intended for specific situations and missions, although some missions require no uniform at all. When wearing USCG uniforms, Auxiliarists are expected to wear the uniform correctly an in accordance with the USCG Auxiliary Manual (AUXMAN). Among other things, this means adherence to modified grooming and body mass standards. While the Auxiliary is not held to the AD/R's grooming and body mass regulations, Auxiliarists in uniform are expected to maintain a trim appearance or wear an optional blue blazer uniform. Auxiliarists may be required to adhere to AD/R grooming and fitness standards if they are directly augmenting AD/R components.

The most commonly-worm USCG Auxiliary Uniforms are:

Tropical Blue
(Usually worn in office situations not requiring the civilian
equivalent of a business suit or coat & tie, such as a Flotilla Meeting.)


Operational Dress Uniform (ODU)
(Usually worn in working situations outside office
environments including underway and watchstanding.)



Vessel Examiners (VE) may also wear a light blue polo shirt, khaki trousers, boat shoes, and ODU cover while performing free Vessel Safety Checks.
Auxiliarists purchase their own uniforms.

Office Insignia 


 Auxiliarists are civilians who do not hold rank. Auxiliary leaders are elected or appointed and wear corresponding Flotilla, Division, District, or National office insignia that resembles USCG officer rank insignia. On dress uniforms, appointed staff officers wear insignia with a red "A" and elected officers wear insignia with a blue "A", while black "A"s are worn on insignia by both elected and appointed officers on the Operational Dress Uniform (ODU). Auxiliarists are authorized to wear the insignia of the last or highest office held along with the Past Officer Device. When augmenting AD/R personnel, the military-style insignia of Auxiliary position is generally removed and Auxiliary member insignia is worn.

Qualification Insignia

Auxiliarists wear devices on certain uniforms that signify qualifications in Marine Safety, Surface Operations, Aviation, and other areas. Auxiliarists with prior military service are authorized wear of qualification devices earned while on active or reserve duty.

USCG AUX Ribbons 

Auxiliarists are volunteers whose primary compensation is the satisfaction derived from saving lives and keeping America's boating public safe. They may also be awarded recognition in the form of ribbons that resemble military awards. In some cases, Auxiliarists may be awarded the same awards as AD/R in recognition of their service. Auxiliarists with prior military service are authorized wear of awards earned while on active or reserve duty.