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Flotilla 48 New Smyrna Beach

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 Free Vessel Safety Checks: Call 407.417.2233 and ask for Lieutenant Luca.  

Email us at-

Monthly Meeting and Fellowship scheduled at USCG Station Ponce Inlet the First Saturday of each Month in                                                                New Smyrna FL.  

                        Call or Email for Details -386-232-8140 -

                                        AWARDS, KUDOS, CERTIFICATIONS! 

Andy Gigi, Coxswain (QE completed 28 September 2023). Wow!! Well Done!!

Gordon Briggs  Operational Auxiliarist, AUXOP,

Mark Banish Operational Auxiliarist, AUXOP

Sylvia Brammer, RBS Device, 1st year requirement

George Wood Recreational Boating Safety Specialist (permanent)

Gordon Briggs, 30 Year Service Award.

Joe Favaloro, 45 Year Service Award

The Auxiliary is an amazing organization where individual members can train and qualify in many different areas. This can be good for one's own satisfaction, reaching a personal goal or learning and using newly acquired skills. Teamwork is at the very foundation of what we do. See What We Do!

Pictured above are two of our assets used for training and patrols.

Pictured Below:US Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary Teamed up with our EdgeWater City Council to celebrate "EdgeFest" a local gathering of Businesses and Community Groups. The US Coast Guard 24 Boat from Station Ponce inlet was invited and stayed on Location for photos with the Public and City Dignitaries.  The Aux (USCG AUXILIARY) was also on site assisting with International Coastal Cleanup, Recreational Boating Safety including the New AUXPAD (Auxiliary Paddlecraft). The AuxPad Team just happen to be conducting a Qualification Exam performed our Visiting QE Mr. Charles Hayes (many thanks).  (Picture by R. Janssen of D7 Aux Photo Corps)


                                                            Coast Guard cold water safety event



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            Flotilla 4-8 serving New Smyrna Beach and Volusia County since 1971!  Congratulations to all our                   Members and our Many Community Supporters!  Bravo Zulu and then some!  Semper Paratus

Wolf Moon and a SpaceX Falcon 9 pass in the night January 2022.  

We safeguard the Launch: Photograph  by USCG Auxiliarist Gordo.                                                

At the heart of Volusia County' Space Coast is Flotilla 04-08 of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. We Participate in a wide range of activities in support of the U.S. Coast Guard and its missions. Some of our activities include Marine Patrols, Vessel Safety Checks, Verifying Aids to Navigation, supporting Marine and Environmental Safety, standing Radio Watches, and much more.  Recreational Boating Safety, a passion for the Auxiliary, and a desire to give back to our communities.

The flotilla is always happy to welcome new members. The officers of 04-08 are committed to ensuring each member has every opportunity to participate in the activities of their choosing and to provide all available resources, so that each member may obtain their full potential.

If you would like to visit us, observe one of our meetings, or to learn more about Flotilla 04-08 and the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary in general, contact Lt. Luca at 407 417 2233

                                                            OUR ACTIVITIES  
 Surface Operations - Flotilla Members perform safety and aids-to-navigation patrols in the Mosquito Lagoon, Banana and Indian Rivers. Auxiliary vessels and their crews work under the control of the Coast Guard, and aid in search and rescue (SAR), Marine Safety, and other missions. Auxiliary Boat Crew members and Coxswains qualify using the same boat crew training manual as used by Coast Guard Regulars and Reservists, and must satisfy annual currency maintenance. Auxiliarists are; Americas Volunteers. 

Boating Safety - Auxiliarists from 04-08 teach classes to members of the general public and to members of the Auxiliary throughout Volusia County and nationwide. Public classes include boating skills and seamanship (basic power), sailing fundamentals (basic sail), and basic and advanced coastal navigation. Auxiliarists also provide complimentary Vessel Safety Checks and conduct programs to enhance boating safety. Environmental Protection-Auxiliarists from 04-08 and other flotillas join Coast Guard active duty and reservists to aid NOAA and NMFS in managing our Lagoons, Rivers and Estuaries. Auxiliarists are deployed on Coast Guard Auxiliary surface and air missions.

Coast Guard Mission Support - Auxiliarists from 04-08 also volunteer to serve alongside regular and reserve members of the Coast Guard in operational and administrative programs. Flotilla members serve as radio watch standers at Station Ponce and have served onboard several Coast Guard vessels and facilities.